Today more than ever entrepreneurs are spending plenty of time working on Facebook friending and messaging for hour and hours each day. And often, when connecting and engaging with new friends, building your list, client and business attraction there can be an unmistakable habit or a pattern of thought that pops up: perfectionism!

How does it show up on Facebook? How long are you spending pouring over profiles, bios, pictures, sending messages back and forth many times and still avoiding having a sales conversation? You are procrastinating even though you have been messaging back and forth and you have polished your sales conversation skills. I’ll share what worked for my mentoring clients who have been able to monetize their time and efforts on Facebook.

Good is good enough.

Aiming for perfection usually winds up in a having a sales conversation or wanting it to be so perfect that you actually never have it with the potential client from Facebook. So go for good enough instead. Don’t use it as an excuse to never take the relationship offline and have a sales conversation. But simply realize that there is something called good enough, and stop working on your sales conversation skills for the moment and get out there and get on some calls. You can polish your skills as you go along.

So find a balance for yourself where you feel good about your sales skills, and remember to never get lost in trying to improve and polish something way too much. How can you find that balance? My clients have found it through having the sales conversation again and again and through experience.

Have a sales conversation deadline.

A few of my clients set deadlines for when they would be comfortable with their sale conversation skills. I looked at those dates, and they were so far away that the potential client on Facebook would have grandchildren by the time they had the call together… So I had to set a deadline. I cut the time in half and lo-and-behold ALL of them softly (without pushing) and authentically closed those potential clients.

Setting a deadline that put them a little out of their comfort zone, and giving them a kick in the butt is generally a good way to help you to let go of a need to polish things a bit too much.

Accept that you are human and so is everyone else on Facebook.

Set human standards for everyone and accept that business online is like that.

Everything and everyone has flaws and things don’t always go as planned in your sales conversations. You can still improve things but they will never ever be perfect. And realize that you won’t be rejected if your sales conversation or you aren’t perfect. At least not by reasonably well-balanced people, like most people actually are in reality online.

Compare yourself to you.

Comparing yourself to other people or colleagues on Facebook can easily lead to feeling inferior. There will always be a lot of people ahead of you in any area of business. So compare yourself to you. Appreciate your development; see how far you have come in your skills and business growth. Appreciate you and focus on what you have done and are doing rather than what everyone else is doing.

How many times have you thought, “If only I could say the right words, or in the right way, and get it perfect they will work with me?” The vast majority of business owners believe that all of their problems in their businesses would be solved if they could just figure out the secret to attracting more ideal clients on Facebook. I am personally inviting you to take the perfect out of your Facebook sales conversations, and in the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

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