Long ago I used to think that persuading people is a hard task but as I learned more and more I discovered that people find it hard to persuade others because they do the wrong things not because its hard to persuade someone.
After working as a sales person for years and after running my own business I discovered that there are some very effective ways that can help you persuade others if you applied them correctly and so I decided to write this post to inform you about them

Powerful ways to persuade people

1)Don’t start talking but instead draw a map of the person’s mental obstacles: The biggest mistake people do when trying to persuade others is that they keep talking and talking without first realizing the mental obstacles that are preventing the person from being convinced. Each person who says no says it because of certain reasons and if you managed to give logical answers to his objections he will believe you

2)Having many objections is not a bad thing: Lots of people lose hope when they find someone giving more than one objection while in fact you will never be able to persuade someone before you deal with each of his mental objections one by one. Think of mental objections as a pile that you must get rid of by dealing with each objection in turn.

3)Use subconscious mind programming: Right after the person runs out of objections you should keep repeating your argument over and over. Even if you didn’t give a logical explanation the person’s mind will be programmed through repetition. Don’t do this before you first get rid of the objections pile

4)Use multiple sources: If you can use multiple sources to program the person’s mind then this will double your persuasion power. If for example you can bring another friend who can support your arguments then the person you are trying to persuade will be more likely to believe you as a result of receiving the message from two different sources. The more the sources you use the more will your persuasive power become.

5)Let them drink coffee: This sounds like a weird advice but research has found that when people become more mentally alert its becomes more easier to persuade them as they become more receptive to the information they receive.

6)Sit on the person’s right side: There are two advantages of sitting on the person’s right. The first is that when you sit in front the person he unconsciously thinks that there is some kind of a competition between you both but when you sit beside him he doesn’t think that way. The second thing is that when you talk to a person’s right ear he uses his left brain to process information and since the left brain is the one used to process logical arguments they start to sound more convincing.

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