The fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction is that what you think about is what you get. However, while that is what the law states, it needs power to accomplish that task. Without power, the Law of Attraction will work, but it will work slowly, in barely visible ways, and with just the bare minimum of results. To invoke the Law of Attraction in an intense, immediately effective way, you need give the law power.

Source of Power

The source of your power in all your actions is your emotions, not logic. Logic provides structure, creating plans, forming relationships, and generating details. But logic does not provide power; logic cannot inspire people to act or believe, and, similarly, logic will not inspire the Universe to manifest your desires.

Sales people know this fact; some of the best sales trainers, like Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar, tell their students to get the prospect to emotionally commit to make the sale. Explaining features and product facts will answer questions, but the prospect often will not buy unless you can get their emotions involved.

Different emotions have different strengths and thus different results. Negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and envy, will provide quick bursts of power, but they are not strong enough to inspire serious effort. For example, if someone becomes ill, their fear will inspire them to follow the doctor’s orders for a while, but if no other emotions get involved the patient will often tire of the requirements made by the doctor and will soon revert to their old ways. This is one of the reasons why so many people start resolutions for a new year, only to see them quit within weeks, but that is another topic.

Positive emotions are much stronger than negative emotions. Scientists have measured the electrical power of emotions in the brain, and they have shown that positive emotions are both stronger and last longer than negative emotions. To truly provide power to your desires, power which can reach out to the Universe and enhance its ability to manifest your desires, you want to invoke positive emotions like happiness, love, and compassion.

How to Emotionalize Your Desire

Many people say “My desire is the emotion, so I’m already providing emotion.” While that is technically true, simple desire is a very weak emotion, almost a middle emotion (neither negative nor positive). As such, desire is not going to provide much strength to the Law of Attraction. You need something more.

What you really need is a “good” feeling about what you desire, a positive feeling such as enjoyment, affection, or pride (not arrogance, of course). To get these emotions about something you want but do not have, you need to use the powers of imagination and visualization.

To give your desires a powerful drive towards manifestation, you should visualize having already achieved whatever it is you desire. In NLP I(Neuro Linguistic Programming) terms, you want to feel “As If Now”, as if the desired result is currently present. See yourself as having accomplished the goal, feel as if the result is already present. The more vibrant the emotions of this visualizations, the more power you are giving to your desire, and the more power you are providing the Law of Attraction in its efforts to manifest your desire.

Providing power to the Law of Attraction is a matter of offering emotional content as part of your desire. The positive emotions generated by strong visualizations of success provide the right fuel to effectively manifest your desires.

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John Steely has been teaching mathematics, study skills, and habits of success for over 25 years. The material of this article was based upon the Law of Attraction Explained course offered on his website.