One of the reasons why someone would get into self-development is because they feel powerless. As a result of this, they are going to be looking for a way to change how they feel so that they can change their life.

Part of them, then, is going to realise that they are not powerless, which is why they have reached out for guidance. If every part of their being was on board with this, there would have been no reason for them to have reached out for support.

Not the Truth

Ergo, while a big part of their being will feel powerless, a small part of them is not going to accept this. But even though it will be a very small part of them, it will have been enough to get them moving.

Through looking for answers, what they may be told is that they need to change the thoughts that are running through their head. Furthermore, they may come across information that tells them to focus on the areas of their life where it is clear that they are not powerless.

It Comes and Goes

The trouble is that while part of them won’t accept that they are powerless, it might not always be possible for them to connect to this part of their being. In general, the feeling of being powerless could consume them.

During this time, one is likely to be overwhelmed by how they feel, and this will make it hard for them to experience positive feelings. One will be on the earth, but it could feel as though they have been pushed deep in the earth and are unable to move.

A Strong Experience

If this is what usually happens when they feel powerless, it will show that this is not something that they can simply think their way out of. Every part of their being will end up being consumed.

It won’t matter if their body is healthy and they have no physical problems, as they will feel as though they have no power whatsoever. If one was to describe this experience, they could say that it’s as though their power has been stripped away.

Nothing Happens

One could then change their thoughts and see that they do actually have power over their life; then again, this might not have much of an impact on them. Intellectually, they will see that this is so, yet the emotional part of their being won’t be able to accept this.

Still, one could believe that this will change as long as they continue to change their thoughts and to focus on the fact that they do have control over their life. The weeks, months and even years could pass, but their life might not really change.

Inner Conflict

If their life was to more or less stay the same and they were unable to truly feel powerful, they might come to the conclusion that they are not working with themselves. By taking a step back, one may see that one part of them wants one thing and another part of them wants another thing.

And although feeling powerless will have a negative effect on their wellbeing, they may also come to see that feeling this way feels comfortable. Thus, as much as one part of them will be doing what it can to resist this inner experience, another part of them will be doing what it can to hold onto it.

An Inner Battle

One is then going to look like one person from the outside, yet they will have two opposing energies within them. The emotional part of their being will have far more power than the mental part of them.

Nonetheless, at least one will be aware of what is going on, allowing them to understand that they are not powerless. If this wasn’t the case, it would be normal for them to see themselves as a victim.

A Strong Pull

The emotional part of their being will be comfortable with feeling powerless, but they won’t be able to see this. How they feel will be seen as the truth as opposed to just a feeling, and this will define how they perceive the world.

They may end up spending a lot of time trying to cover this feeling up and they could become controlling as a way to compensate for how they feel. Until they are able to see what is going on, their life is unlikely change.

Emotionally Attached

If someone finds that a big part of them feels comfortable with feeling powerless, it can be due to what took place at the beginning of their life. Thanks to being abused and/or neglected, for instance, this may have been a time when they felt powerless on a regular basis.

At the time, this would have felt painful and they would have most likely resisted feeling this way, but as time went by, this would have become familiar. To their unconscious mind, what is familiar is classed as what is safe.

A Disempowering Association

The years would have passed and one would have gradually lost touch with what took place; nevertheless, feeling powerless will still be what feels safe. At a deeper level, feeling powerless will be seen as part of who they are.

Therefore, while feeling this way will make their life a misery, letting go of this feeling will be seen as a threat to their very survival. What this illustrates is how someone can be severely undermined by their own unconscious mind.


If someone doesn’t understand how their unconscious mind works, it can seem as though what is going on ‘out there’ is the problem. In reality, what is going on within them at a deeper level will be the problem.

When it comes to changing what is taking place at a deeper level, one may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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