No religion or belief which indorses, advocates, and promotes terrorism and terrorist activities in any form. However, Islam, which precisely means peace or complete toleration, ideas for a world completely from conflicts, dissention, subjugation and suppression. Islam is an only religion that happens not just for itself but for the whole of human struggle. Islam says that man is born with divine potentials such as kindness, clemency, intellect, power, durability, creative ability, etc. As he ages, swayed by his wish and evil motives, he jumps wandering away from the traditional or natural path designed by religion. For his management, thus, Allah Almighty in his endless wisdom has sent messengers and unprotected scriptures to them. All soothsayers articulated the best ideas and idea of faith and behavior.

Hazrat Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) enjoined his cliques that teach yourself with devout potentials. The advantage of compassion will attain perfection when a man is caring to all the peoples including animals. In performance of sympathy, Allah Almighty does not distinguish between man and man in the case of sunlight, sustenance, etc. Similarly, human beings are obligatory to follow the makings of Allah Almighty without any alteration. The holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that Allah Almighty is not kind to him who is not kind to other people.
In instruction to produce peace, harmony and serenity in the world, Islam has outlined an everlasting plan the rudimentary features of which are embodied in the Holy Quran and the nations of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). In this state, the first and leading belief is the equality of human beings. God stipulates in the Holy Book that O human beings, we formed you from a pair of a male and a female, and accomplished you into situations and groups so that you may discriminate each other. This Quranic ordainment has a complete appeal and is not imperfect to Muslims starved of assistance. In order to stand-in feelings of connotation among men, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) detected the entire development as the household of Allah and additional the valuable of the development of Allah Almighty is he who is best and good to his home or members of family.

Human life being the most beloved gift of the Almighty, the Quran commands that if anybody killed a person, excluding it be for killing or for sprinkling of harm in the properties, it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anybody endangered a life, it would be as if he endangered the life of all men
The Holy Quran even initiatives a step ahead by escalating the righteous among those who believe in Divine scriptures, previously all of them are not alike. Among the peoples of the Book is a section upright, who describe the scriptures in the hours of the night and bow in love and adoration. And have confidence in God and the Last Day, and order what is clad and prohibit what is erroneous, and who hurry to give assistance. They are among the moral and the highfliers of decent.

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