Practical Magic-How I Let the Law of Attraction Work for Me
“Keep ever in mind that each living person in all God’s Universe is a radiating center of the same perfect One, some radiating more and some less, according to the awakened consciousness of the individual” (Dr. H. Emilie Cady, Lessons in Truth)

What does that mean in practical terms? How do you awaken your consciousness? How do you radiate (vibrate) at a higher level. And why do you want to do that?

You are energy, and that energy is organized. There are patterns of vibration which have varying speeds and different levels of consciousness. These intangible patterns or programs are fed by your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Energy which vibrates at certain frequencies attracts and seeks out similar frequencies. This is the basis from Quantum Physics of the Law of Attraction.

Or simply put:

Like Attracts Like

The proposition is that you can effect dramatic, powerful change in your life by becoming conscious or mindful of the content and focus of your thoughts and feelings.
The energy of emotion is what drives what is formed with thought, into a physical result. For example, when you're appreciative, that energy and focus is creating more to appreciate. When you're worried, that energy and focus is creating more to worry about.

You can argue for your limitations. You can use the state of the world as reported in the news or “if you had my….painful childhood, illness, marital difficulties, negative circumstances….” to explain why you can’t have the life you want.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” (Albert Einstein)

It may mean taking a leap of faith, acting as if, or simply choosing to believe that the negative flood of what is reported in the news, or what you are told is the reality of your circumstances, does not need to be your reality. For example in Unity teachings an illness is not seen as fact, since the Truth about each person is wholeness. For many who are successful in overcoming challenges, it has meant refusing to allow the present circumstances to define the future.

The (real) Secret
Think more about what you want, and less about what you don’t want.

If you're focused on a situation in your life, and complaining about it, you am not at the level of energy that will attract the solution.

Mind, Body, Emotions and Spiritual Connection all need to be actively engaged.

For example, I had an eating disorder for many years. I constantly struggled with my weight and was extremely self-critical. My profession involved showing horses, but no matter how many ribbons and trophies I won, it never made up for my feeling inadequate because I felt fat. Winning didn’t make me ok, and losing was devastating. My focus on being dissatisfied with my body image completely negated any accomplishments or appreciation for the many wonderful people I met and the exciting places we traveled. Since the largest percentage of my attention was on what I didn’t want, it was impossible to achieve either permanent weight loss or happiness.

Attaining the slim, healthy body and happy life that I wanted was a result of learning that its not thinness that makes you well, but wellness that makes you thin. In other words, learn not to define yourself by your weight or any external circumstance. Begin to take responsibility for wellbeing in the present moment by deliberately finding things to appreciate about yourself and your life. Stop judging anything as good or bad, in any way. “I did something that was less than wonderful” was how you might now choose to define an action that would formerly have filled you with shame (and donuts) and to feel “less-than”. This discipline of mindfulness creates phenomenal changes for your body,mind, emotions and spirit.

A challenging concept to grasp, but the most important in creating the health, relationships and life you want, is that feeling good can’t be dependent on conditions or circumstances or other people. It’s crucial to develop and maintain an inner set-point of your value. It’s important to be aware when you are postponing happiness because of some outer circumstance. In recovery we called it “waiting to get skinny”. That is, putting off enjoyment of your life until something changes. “I’ll feel good when….I get out of debt…I am married to my soul mate….My husband gets sober….”
This co-creates more postponement energetically. Therefore, even when what you want does come, there will be other issues attached and the “waiting to be happy until…,” continues on and on.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…, It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” (Anonymous)

A healthier bodily condition, a body that can dance in the rain, is nourished with positive thinking as well as foods that are vibrationally clear. Abstinence from lower vibration foods ( refined carbohydrates/wheat, sugar, dairy )is as important to wellness as refraining from toxic thoughts and feelings.

Blocks to positive expression, sometimes called resistance or what keeps the good stuff away are emotions such as resentment, anger and fear. Some people try spiritual bypassing whereby negative feelings are denied because of a belief that it isn’t “spiritual” to feel anger, shame, etc. A friend in recovery called that “polishing shit”. Stuffing anger just leads to more stuffed anger. Justified anger is as corrosive as acid to your body and soul. When you try to avoid or deny the uncomfortable emotions by shutting down, displacing, or ignoring them it creates a toxic residue that underlies dis-ease. It’s also not ok for you to attempt to deny or avoid the normal slings and arrows of life and numb yourself with constant busy-ness. That’s called “feelings can’t hit a moving target”.

It takes courage to do the inner housecleaning required for transformation. Seek help from sponsors/mentors or helping professionals. You're worth it!

When you clarify what you want, you then need to reprogram your subconscious mind by thinking, speaking and writing about what you intend to manifest. Meditating to clear your mind, using Creation Boards and general affirmations such as the following work best.

“Solutions, and answers and wellbeing are on the way” (Abraham-Hicks)

Simply distracting yourself from focusing on the challenging areas of your life, by intentionally noticing something funny, or playing with a child, or pet, or doing service for others can help create an energetic shift. The truth is that a problem can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. A deliberate move into better feelings, even for a short time has profound resonance for every area of your life.

“You are a spiritual being expressing through a physical body, not a physical being trying to get spiritual” (Spiritual Response Therapy)

As a spiritual being you have access to higher guidance through your nonphysical helpers, the High Self, Guardian Angels and Spiritual Committees. Blocks that can interfere with that communication come from limiting beliefs, pastlife trauma and subconscious programming. Some specific examples of how experiences in past lives can negatively impact your life in the present are vows of poverty, chastity and beliefs of a punishing God from past religious lives. When these programs of self-limitation and self-punishment which have carried over for thousands of lifetimes are removed, the positive changes that occured are awesome.

Focus or Mindfulness
Appreciation and Gratitude

Knowing others is intelligence Knowing yourself is true wisdom Mastering others is strength
Mastering Yourself is true power
(The Tao Te Ching)

Author's Bio: 

I've been blessed with over 30 years of recovery from an eating disorder and addiction. In addition to a strong foundation in the awesome 12 Step process, I practice and teach transformation for body, mind emotions and spirit. Some of the practical magic I work with is Reiki, Unity metaphysical principles, Addiction Counselling Certification, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring.