The tree is an ancient symbol that has roots in the myths and legends of many people and races. There are tales of trees from Europe to India and amongst pagans, Buddhists, Jews and even Christians.

So is there a common thread that runs through them all?

More importantly…

Is there a clear message that resonates in modern times?

The tree is a multi-dimensional symbol that provides us with a universal map of existence. It can be viewed as a whole that is made up of three main parts: the roots, the trunk and the canopy and branches. This represents physical and non physical reality and the connection between them. It is the past, present and future and it is the journey of man through these realms.

The canopy reminds us take a spiritual perspective.
It lifts us up above the mundane and shows us a broader view. Imagine you are going through difficult times. You become overwhelmed by your emotions and can’t see a clear way through the pain and grief.

However, if you are able to rise above these physical concerns, then you may be able to see why you created the situation and what you are learning from it. You may begin to understand your situation as it relates to the whole, as opposed to just your piece of it.

The roots prompt us to dig deeply.
They invite us to search for the truth, to reach into our deep dark crevices until we finally understand who we truly are. Many of us store pain from the past inside. Then we look at ourselves and the world through that pain.

Unfortunately it is the pain that keeps us in the dark. We need to recognize this so we can release it and allow our brightness to radiate through. Just as the roots anchor the tree in the ground, we can anchor our light in our bodies, when we stop denying the pain.

The trunk helps us know who we are.
The trunk is a communication channel between the roots and the canopy. It transports water from the ground up and sugar (for nutrition) and waste products (for release) from the leaves down. It creates a bridge from sky to earth.
We are spirit, incarnate in the physical world. If we open our communication channels to spirit, we receive guidance and can learn to consciously take charge of our lives.

The Midas Tree
I wrote my book The Midas Tree without studying any of the ancient tree myths. It came to me in a vision, but now I am fascinated to read about them. In my story the tree represents physical reality. When the hero Joshua finds a magical golden acorn and is transported into the tree, he is being born into physical existence. To return to his home, the garden of color and light (spirit realm), he must turn himself and the tree to gold. His journey through the tree represents the journey of enlightenment.

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, spiritual and meditation teacher based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her book “The Midas Tree” is available on Amazon.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, meditation teacher, healer and clairvoyant reader.
She began her career as a PhD scientist and business woman in the biotechnology industry. However Lesley was always interested in meditation and spirituality and she developed her abilities in parallel to her busy career.

Before coming to Canada in 1998 she trained in meditation, healing and clairvoyance at the School of Insight and Intuition, Richmond UK. She was also a member of The Rainbow Bridge Dream Work Group where, she explored dream incubation, dream re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying and dream symbol interpretation. Earlier in her spiritual journey she received much guidance and experienced many premonitions through her dreams, having kept a dream diary since childhood.

Much of her formal spiritual training was at the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center in Seattle, where she was mentored by renowned author and speaker Mary Ellen Flora. She graduated as an ordained minister in 2003 and from the centers teaching program in 2005, when she began teaching classes and workshops for CDM Vancouver. She also holds private and corporate meditation workshops.

Subsequently Dr. Phillips has taught counseled over a 1000 individuals and presented at over 100 live events. She is known as a caring, gifted teacher and speaker that brings out the best in people.

Dr Lesley Phillips
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