If we want to get more benefits in life, it is very essential to have an improved memory. Having a sharper memory allows you to pass all the exams with excellent grades and be at the top of your class. If you are employed in a job, it allows you to remember your whole sales report, present it before your seniors (without the help of any graphs), and expect a promotion and an increase in your salary. Or, in case of an emergency, you can always call 911, which, so far is easy to remember. But, the question is, how are we to improve our memory and stay focused in our lives?

Many people have studied various methods to improve memory that have been quite effective, such as imagining pictures and relating them, creating exact and funny images, converting digits to picture words “associating” items in a lengthy series to create a roster and matching objects with peg words to remember numbered lists. These are many common methods that can be learnt from various memory guides and also, can be found on the internet. Though there will be some differences in terminology and process, the basic fundamentals are similar.

Even with these memory techniques in mind, there are huge possibilities that these techniques cannot be used to remember chemical equations for the lab. To help with this, you can use certain tips to improve your memory. There are methods to help focus on a special application. The secret is to use the technique and data you have already learned and use them to preserve in your memory.

When you have studied certain methods, you can utilize them in your day to day living almost immediately to help you remember things better. However, if you are serious about making improvements to your brain’s ability to retain data in a advanced level, then maybe, you should try to learn more about memory.

The best method you can do to retain data is to practice by repeating the object continuously until you can study it by heart. You should start to practice remembering things everyday. For example, if someone educated you on how to drive a car, and by studying the manual, you studied everything about driving a car; this does not qualify you to be a good driver. It means that you are already familiar with what is needed, but to learn, you need to practice.

In the same way, you need to keep practicing your chosen memory methods. It is quite probable, that you will be finding it tough to create an image for objects and also you may have not learned yet as to what pictures are the best for you.

Start looking at your environment to find items that are easily remembered, such as friend’s contact numbers, favorite recipe, address of a classmate, vocabulary words in your French class, scientific names of animals, your credit card number etc. Go for it!

If, at any time, you find it tough to remember, never give up. Just remember that if your attention is on something, you will find one way or another of achieving your goal.

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