“The person who makes a success of living is the one who seeks his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly.” Cecil B. DeMille

This quote brings to mind a topic we were discussing at one of the Accelerated Growth Weekends Course that we had past The subject came up about “not having time to really take care of myself.”

I realized I had been hearing that a lot lately in the various courses and individual coaching calls. “I don’t have enough time do my work,” “I can’t fit any more into my schedule,” “I don’t have time to write my affirmations,” “By the end of the day I don’t have the time or the energy to take a 15 minute walk,” “I don’t have the time to practice speaking up for myself,” “Are you kidding? There’s no way I can take 15 minutes out of the day, with no interruptions, exclusively for myself,” etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

I understand that it really does feel like there is no possible way to fit another thing into your life, especially if it is something as unfamiliar (and to some individuals, as frivolous) as really taking care of ourselves. The key to this dilemma is to begin to understand that it is NOT about making time in your life to do all of this extra stuff. It’s NOT even about extra stuff. The key, the answer, is to understand and then implement the concept that all of this IS your life. Just like the dysfunctional activities, or dysfunctional inactivity IS, has become your life. Your new actions, your new activities, your new awarenesses, with Practice will become your life.

Now, having understood the new concept that your work is your life you can begin to take some steps to implement the concept. It is important that you take a step or two at a time so you can stay in the process in a way that has you go forward in a more calm and relaxed way. To try and implement everything at once is only going to lead to frustration and overwhelm and perhaps even giving up. Patience is called for here.

First of all, make a short (you can always add more later) list. On that list put down the things you would like to make a part of your life……things that serve you………..whether it’s a walk each day, remembering your vitamins each day, or remembering to speak kindly to yourself.

Next, make a daily check sheet for yourself. You can use the sheet as a reminder and/or you can use it to reinforce yourself by checking off each thing you do each day. Some people like putting stickers beside the things they’ve accomplished that day. Some people think that’s a little over the top and choose to use a checkmark. It is very important to remember that this is a reminder list. To use it as anything other than that will only hinder you in your growth.

Then, choose a specific action (one or 2, no more than 3) on which to focus until that particular action has become a routine part of your life. You can, of course, be integrating other things on the list as well as kind of a side benefit but focusing on one or two at a time serves in being able to see progress in a more timely manner.

Remember to be patient. Give yourself as long as it takes to have the “new” become integrated into your life. I am quite often asked, ”How long?” The answer is …”As long as it takes.” The time required depends on a number of things both conscious and subconscious.

Very important: Remember to continue to deal with your reality on a daily basis.

That means…….continue to live your life, continue to meet your obligations, and have some fun all the while being aware of the things you have chosen to focus on to bring into your life. It’s not an either/or situation….it’s an AND.

It is very interesting to keep your lists and check sheets and look back in a year or so to where you started. You may be surprised and amazed at how far you have come.

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