As many of you know, I am a business/franchise/life coach/consultant/mentor/teacher/speaker..take your pick. It has always been my passion to help others through any means necessary, and it seems I have always attracted those in need, whether financially, physically, psychologically or spiritually. What I didn't understand was that each time I did this, I was trying to help them, yet, at the same time, I was also empathing most, if not all, of the pain they were experiencing at the time. Each time I would help someone, I would actually get physical symptoms, or migraines, or name it.

It seems that my true calling is to help and heal...I know this to be true. It has taken me several years of healing myself, and of learning to build a shield of protection from those in pain. By practicing meditation and Reiki, I am better able to help friends, without feeling their pain, or experiencing their feelings, or experiencing guilt for their financial or personal issues.

Also, I have becoming blatantly aware that when I practice discernment, I am at peace in my life. That's because I am, at those times, surrounding myself with those who are like-minded, and align with positive my energy and intent.

HOWEVER, when I fail to practice discernment and I don't listen to my intuition, or I ignore that 'pit' in my stomach when I meet someone in business, or life in general.. it always turns out very poorly.

For example, in the past, I have enabled friends. I have actually gone so far as to purchase a house, pay for vacations and basically try to buy an empty friendship by showering them with gifts. Yet, all along, I knew that this wasn't the appropriate behavior for a friendship.... When the gifts and money were gone, so was the friendship.

However, at times, I still wonder into situations, particularly in business, that become just too much for a highly sensitive person like myself. I most recently worked for a client who has taken advantage of every single person who works for him (now including myself). When I first met him, I ignored every feeling of discomfort, every ounce of concern, in favor of a solid position in a company that promised to 'change the world'. Of course, I want to change the world!... Sign me up! .. who wouldn't want to align with a visionary who wants nothing but the best for the 'universe'? .....

One very long, extremely painful month later, (and one day to be a book), I am shaking my head, realizing that once again, I am being reminded to practice discernment. Someone should have a class for practicing discernment....hmmmmmm :)

Nonetheless, I refuse to change who I am.. This is who I am. I am a helper, a healer, a consultant, a counselor. Yet, I need to constantly practice discernment in all I do. Easy? NO. My personal journey? DEFINITELY!!

Practice..practice..practice... :)

Peace and love. BREN

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Brenda Dronkers is a mompreneur, business women, mentor and speaker. Follow her at