In Sanskrit language ‘Gaya’ means Prana or vital force and ‘Tri’ means to liberate. ‘Gayate pranaha iti gayatri’ which means that which liberates Prana is called Gayatri. Trana means to liberate or free. Prana is a bound conscious principle to the body, senses and their objects. By liberating Prana from this bondage one realizes one’s divine conscious state. In this manner the entire science of Prana dwells within Super Energy Gayatri. Previously those Extrasensory Potentials or ESP discussed can be attained via Gayatri Meditation and Worship.

The word Prana has its root in ‘Pra’ prefix and ‘An’ Dhatu. ‘Ana’ Dhatu connotes life force and consciousness. Hence the word Prana means conscious energy. It is also called ‘latent heat’ and ‘psychic force’. In Tandya Jaimini (12-1-2) and Shatpath Brahman texts it is said: Gayatriprano vai gayatri. It is also said ‘daviyanutati gayatri’ which means this electricity is Gayatri. Thus we can see that Gayatri, Prana, electricity is one principle and with its aid all daily life’s activities are executed. Vashishthaji by conducting deep research on Prane-electricity present in air unearthed those norms of Pranayam (Yogic breathing exercises) which not only greatly augment human potentials but that it helps man contact subtle powers of other worlds or Lokas. Detailed explanation is given in Prana Vidya Prakaran, 6th chapter, 24th Sukta and 20-31 Mantras. Over here it is said that just as an engineer uses technology/machines in the same way this Prana Energy helps transact all of life’s daily activities.

During Gayatri Meditation in what manner can Prana Energy be attracted, imbibed and evolved in great measure? Regarding this Indian seers and philosophers have conducted deep scientific experiments. Spiritual seers have categorized Prana into 2 parts: Microcosm and Macrocosm. Microcosm encompasses which is seen functioning in the material world. Macrocosm includes which sways as life in the conscious world. Both these are called Adhidaivik, cosmic and spiritual, microcosmic or Hiranyagarbha.

Adhi daivikena samashti vyashti rupena hairanya garbhena.

Pranatmanaivaitad vibhutva magnayate nadhyatmikena.

………………..Brahma Sutra-Shankar Bhashya

The cosmic form is Hiranya Garbha macrocosm. The individual form is Adhidaivik microcosm.

Atomic energy related to microcosm is the very basis on which modern material science functions. Varied forces and energies of electricity, heat, light, radiations etc function in this very fount. The activity noted in atoms is that of the sun. Ere solar light did not reach earth it would be rendered withered and arid. No movement of any sort would be noted. One would fail to note atom’s mobility, production of matter, their augmentation and transformation. Modern material science has unearthed atomic energy given to earth by the sun and via various inventions after using them the world’s material comforts have been increased dramatically. Science has unfolded many terrific sources of various forces and energies. Yet never must we fall under an illusion that the cosmic infinite vault of energy is limited to the material potency of nuclear energy.

Prana can be said to be all pervasive activity of energy waves of this inert material world. In the conscious world Prana can be called sensitivity and emotions. Sensitivity would encompass will, wisdom and action. Living beings sustain themselves because of it. With its aid they desire, think and make due efforts. The more one possesses this life force the more one’s Prana is rendered potent. Thus with greater Prana power one can become a great saint, divine personality and Almighty God from an ordinary lay person. The cosmic existence of consciousness which pervades the entire cosmos is called conscious Prana. A creature who to a certain extent with due effort imbibes this cosmic conscious Prana becomes Great or Super Prana in nature.

In the Prashnopanishad (1-7) sun is said to be the root center of Prana-

Sa esha vaishwanaro vishwa rupaha pranogtirud yate.

This is a mundane description. Everyone knows that on earth for the creation of life the credit goes to solar rays.

The center of the life force of the gross world is the sun. It has 5 Prana principles.

Adityau havai vahyaha prana udayatyesha hyenam chakshasham prana.

In the Prashnopanishad it is said-

Manu gruhananaha prithivyam ya devata saisha purushsyapan.

Mavashtabhyantara yadakashaha sa samano vayu dhwanihi tejo havai udanaha.

This sun itself is external Prana or life force. By rising at dawn it renders active all movements of the visible world. The Super of Great Prana of the sun helps the body called this world to remain alive. It pervades the 5 elements or Tattva in the form of 5 Pranas.

A scientist of Soviet Russia Dr Ushakov while detailing his research on the Polar Region has put forth a new precept. He opines that oxygen or air which is the substratum of life is not the creation or wealth of earth. It in fact flows in the Prana stream of sun and here on earth by uniting the principle activity in the earth’s atmosphere ‘oxygen’ is generated. Ere the sun were to obstruct sending this Prana flow or else for some reason planet earth fails to absorb it then due to diminishing levels of oxygen life on earth would be difficult to sustain. At a height of 62 miles from earth this Prana commences to get converted to oxygen. This oxygen does not get showered like rain clouds anywhere and everywhere but that it first gets focused on North Pole. And then via the medium of the South Pole it is shared with the entire earth. The fact that we see twinkling colors in the Polar region aura is proof of presence of oxygen with electrical zone.

The goal of Pranayam or Prana Science is to attract apt measure of this Solar Prana and imbibe it in the body. In order to radiate electromagnetic force that augmentation of Prana required is attained via special Pranayams (Yogic breathing exercises) that have their roots in Prana based spiritual practices. Via the well designed methods of Swara Yoga and Prana science Kundalini or Divine Serpent Energy fire is lit in such a manner akin to an ironsmith intensifies fire of a furnace using a hollow pipe into which he blows air. By attracting Prana principle from infinite space via the nostrils the magnetic flow inspired by solar principle is rendered very speedy and potent.

Thus because of this created light al of one’s Prana which was sleeping and latent awakens. As soon as the sun rises at dawn birds, beasts etc on giving up their sleep zestfully start their daily chores. Buds bloom into flowers and the influence of air intensifies. In the same way via Prana spiritual practices both our poles get filled up with energy flow movements akin to one seen at sunrise are noted. Not only the gross physical body but that our subtle and causal bodies too, along with their visible/invisible units exhibit their functional activities. A devotee feels as though like a snake shedding its old skin becomes new and radiantly energized.

Sometimes due to special outbursts seen on the sun a stream emitted by it enters earth and thus manifest magnetic storms on earth’s Polar Regions. Its reactions are not limited to this region only but that it influences the entire world. Many times this magnetic storm creates very joyous and useful results and many times from them come such principles which induce danger in the entire world. Once, in the year 1938 a magnetic storm emerged in the Polar Regions and its terrific brilliance was seen right up to Africa and Crimea. It influenced not only material objects but also various living beings. Such electric storms manifested Ice Age on earth. For so long a major chunk of earth was covered with freezing ice. Oceans were flooded and land became ocean and ocean got converted into a desert. It is said that somewhere air, water and fire Pralaya (world annihilation) can take place and these magnetic storms are capable of totally changing the map of the world.

Nature based magnetic storms appear due to changes in 5 elements or due to laws of destiny. But via Yoga practices such magnetic storms can be induced in the subtle world which will not only influence sky based stars, galaxies etc but divine existence centers and demigods too. The conscious center Savita that influences our world can in turn be jolted by men of terrific austerities. Great intensity in Polar Light and Aura is seen in March and September (in Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri as per Hindu calendar). The reason being that the earth’s axis lies at an apt angle in relation to the sun. This is said to be the most appropriate time to sow seeds. Even pregnancies occur most during these times. This is the time flowers bloom. It is during these times that devotees attain greatest fruit of penance. When we conjoin earth’s magnetic attraction to solar light magnetism only then this brilliance intensifies gigantically and its reaction elicits astounding results in human daily living. Not only this, but even the environment can be influenced.

Alexander Marshek has ‘heard’ energy influences manifesting in the solar system and galaxies in the form of light and sound that has been measured by scientific technology. These sounds are like well designed music and their tones. By itself with the ears a general sound is merely heard and its special import cannot be understood. Yet latest scientific studies in the field of Astronomy clarifies that this sound flow is very powerful which flows from the sun to the Polar Regions and via it such influences are seen on the bodies and psyche of man and other creatures which is not possible to manifest even by individual intense human effort. These influences could be both wholesome and unwholesome.

Within Yoga practices, Sadhana or practices related to sound waves predominate. Within Kundalini Yoga practices Bindu and Kala methods helps us understand unknown energy streams so as to establish a strong bond with them. In Naad Sadhana or sound waves based spiritual endeavor we can hear conch, bell, whistle, thundering clouds etc. These are meant not merely to focus our psyche but are executed so that one can imbibe and benefit from those gifts showered by various worlds-Lokas, galaxies and subtle divine centers akin to ones given by sun to earth. Kundalini aspirants/devotees have to execute such methodologies. As a result they can experience within their inner core personality very rare and mind boggling principles similar to divine boons.

The nature and form of Polar Aura is like a search light. In comparison to the north it is more intense in the southern region. From this it seems that this aura brilliance is running speedily from the North Pole to the South Pole. Divine brilliance incarnating in our brain region too rushes towards our genitals and center of Kundalini Shakti. In the South Pole region birds called penguins are found. They are very serene in nature they behave very lovingly towards guests that come to see them. In reality South Pole is a center of Kala or Cupid. From here flows the radiant stream of love’s softness, sweetness and straightforwardness. Like the penguin bird in the recesses of our genitals ooze bliss and zest. If it is activated, then in life will spring forth the fount of cupid like joy and enthusiasm. The South Pole is at a height of 19000 feet from the ocean shore. It can be called the upsurge of world body’s genitals. In Indian Puranas it is called the Shiva Linga. This upsurge is also seen in female genital organs albeit in a minute form.

As a result of the strange picture of solar rays on the Polar Regions everything appears to be like a magical city. Generally ones shadow over here appears double in form. A realized spiritual seer too sees his 2 friends Para and Apara Prakriti roaming alongside him/her and believes him-self or her-self to be the imperishable soul (Atman) that is separate from its 2 shadows called gross and subtle bodies.

The aim of Indian Prana Science is that by attracting in optimal measure Prana stream present within solar energy that gets rained on the 2 Poles so as to nourish in an all round manner gross and subtle consciousness with its help.

By attracting with the help of the brain light particles of some unknown founts of light the subtle body of light can be greatly advanced. Although this is a bit difficult yet science is proving this too. For unearthing this scientific proof a Russian astronomer Chizovski had to put penance like intense efforts.

Initially for hours together either he would sit under the hot blazing sun or else under the cool soothing rays of moonlight. Alongside he would note down all mental changes/thoughts taking place within. Then he studied history of 400 years related to the rise-fall of human personality and yearly statistics of various types of diseases. As a result he realized that the brilliance of sun etc and its 11 years sunspots had a strong relationship with man’s psychic state. Regarding this we will make a detailed discussion later but here it is utmost important to understand one’s mode of thinking related to those glands like thyroid, adrenal and pituitary of the brain are all ductless. It means that they are not influenced by any chemical materials. The subtle units of light or Prana flow exactly like electrical particles flow in a wire. One’s sentiments are exactly of the type of light particles present in us. Under hot sunlight lethargy, anger etc emotions gush forth and under moonlight one feels serene, romantic and blissful. If a person were to focus his mind on the source of light it would mean that our ductless glands is establishing an electromagnetic bond with that fount and those particles get filled in us speedily. The more meditation is profound and focused we can clearly to that extent experience the speed of evolution of the subtle body towards that attraction and thus one day we actually merge into that infinite eternal fount so as to attain Sidhi or self realization.

For example along with Gayatri Meditation one has to meditate on the sun too. During the meditative state a bond is established between the electromagnetic stream of the sun and ductless glands situated in the pigtail region of the brain. Thus particles of solar brilliance commence entering our body. In this manner while our Prana Body advances manifold it becomes feather weight, divine and radiant like sun light.

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