Even women in the prime of the lives at their healthiest can have a hard time when pregnant, especially in the harder last trimester. Your body is carrying a lot of weight in that baby so neck pain, backache, and other aches and pains are extremely common. Rather than suffer through it and think that is the only option how about checking out a prenatal chiropractor, Monmouth County or one near you?

Completely safe

Using a professional chiropractor is not something some pregnant women think of, but it is becoming more popular as they realize it is totally safe, for the mother and baby. All chiropractors actually have some training in treating pregnant women so you could give a chiropractor Wall, NJ or where you are are, a call to see if they can help. Some professionals go on to further specialize in the treatment of pregnant women and in prenatal care and they identify as prenatal chiropractors. Whichever you choose to visit you can feel secure that you will be in good hands with no risk to either of you.

How is chiropractic care different for pregnant women?

Basically, without going into too much technical detail there are certain methods used designed just for pregnant women with things like pelvic balance. Corrections are done on tables that are adjusted to better suit pregnant women and there is no pressure applied to the stomach, any method that might usually press there is adjusted to avoid it. There are also specific post-treatment exercises and stretches a chiropractor Wall NJ will suggest, just for pregnant women.

What are the benefits of seeing a prenatal chiropractor?

There are a lot of benefits a pregnant woman can find when seeing a prenatal chiropractor Monmouth County. Women who are experiencing back pain, neck pain, joint pain, swelling, nausea and a generally high level of discomfort can find relief with chiropractic treatment. While the aches and pains may not be completely eliminated there is a real lessening in how bad it can be. What some pregnant women may not realize is that with regular treatment it can not just help with a healthier and easier pregnancy, but with the labor itself. Women who seek chiropractic care during their pregnancy tend to have shorter delivery times, and easier deliveries too. What pregnant woman does not want that?!


Before you go looking for a chiropractor it is best to talk with your OB/GYN or doctor that has been seeing you through your pregnancy. Check with them that there is nothing about your pregnancy experience that would prohibit seeing a chiropractor. Ask about anything you need to know, and it is possible some doctors will even have recommendations for you. It is always best for everyone concerned when traditional and alternative medicine work together through the healing process not against.


This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes


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