Pre-Paid Legal is a company that sells individuals something akin to an insurance policy for about $26 a month. You get a number of things for free, such as a will and other basic legal documents that everyone should have. Of course you can do this yourself just by going to any number of internet sites that offer the basic outlines of these documents for free. The idea is that if you are an individual who buys this policy, you have access to a referral system of lawyers if you should need one and access to legal help. Big deal, most people can find one by themselves, there is no shortage of lawyers. A big complaint, that even when you are in the system, when you get a lawyer through the referral service, there is no discount.

The business is set up as an MLM or network marketing system. You can either buy their $17 a month service, or choose to sign up as an affiliate and make commissions from anyone else you sign up who is willing to sell the service to their friends, or promote it through normal network marketing channels.. You get a commission from all your down-line sales. Basic stuff, nothing unusual about that.

But a lot of people are complaining they’re not getting paid for sales, not getting paid for their down-line’s sales and, for the ones that purchased this service simply as a kind of legal insurance, they are complaining that the service isn’t worth the money, probably because they didn’t need this service in the first place.

There is a great deal of contradictory information about Pre-Paid Legal, some are delighted with their service (possibly reps?), to people who are saying that it’s nothing more than a rip off and a Ponzi scheme.

Most of the complaints found are from affiliates, or rather ex-affiliates. Over half of them cancel. There seems to be problems with communication, poor training and of course the non-payment of commissions.

One way for an affiliate to earn income is to build a website offering Pre-Paid Legal’s services, thereby eventually earning commissions. Many of these affiliates say it is practically impossible to get through on the phone to talk to anyone about their concerns and that you can have a really hard time even finding a phone number or email address for this company.

From affiliates who claim to earn $1500 a month and are satisfied with Pre-Paid Legal’s commissions and services, to affiliates who have left this MLM scheme unhappy about never getting paid, it is obvious that there are some serious problems with this company somewhere along the line.

Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc is a publicly traded company (NYSE: PPL) providing legal plans and services since 1972 and serves over 1.5 million US customers in the U.S. and Canada.

It’s possible that the majority of the bad press has been put about by affiliates who haven’t made a dime, because they didn’t do the work to build themselves a successful marketing business.

The truth behind this opportunity is very difficult to figure out and I plead no contest.

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