Pre primary is the early phase of learning. This is the sprouting phase of human consciousness. There is the tremendous demand of the mentor ship and guidance that can be realized in this phase. The teachers of the pre-primary section need to groom themselves according to the requirement of the profession. The profession of the pre primary teachers training demands awareness regarding certain crucial areas connected with the learning process of a little child.

Importance of child psychology in pre primary teaching:

A professional pre primary teachers training course put stress on child psychology during the time of the training of the teacher. Children comprehend differently than adults. The mental setups of the children are different than adults. The learning of the young age lasts for whole life. That is the reason the teachers of pre primary level need to remain aware regarding the quality of the teaching. The quality can get developed by the proper training of the teacher.

Teaching is the process of communication. At the time of communication, the communicator must have some idea regarding the receptivity of the audience. If the teacher is the communicator of the class the students are the audience. The teacher cannot complete his teaching process successfully if she is completely disconnected from the students. The requirement of learning of child psychology is effective in this regard, with the help of the knowledge of child psychology the teacher can understand the mind of her student. In the case of pre-primary classes, the student will be no one but the little children. It is obvious in this regard that the teacher of this session is not going to deliver the lecture for them rather she will facilitate the process of learning of a child. As stated by Maria Montessori, the child can learn by herself. Here the teacher can work as the guide for learning only and she is the person who can understand the development of the student. The idea of the child psychology helps her to facilitate the children in this regard.

Mental mapping of the little learner:

The nature or the characteristics of the young students influence the way of learning. A pre primary teacher training teachers training can help the teachers in this regard. If the teacher has a clear idea regarding the mental trait of the little student he can order his training accordingly. Maximizing education is the major intention of the educational process where all the tools and measures of education are guiding the education process in this direction. That is the reason child characteristics is an integral part of the pre primary teachers training course because the key intention of this course is to offer a highest possible learning experience to the little pupil.

In conclusion, it can be said that a methodical process of teacher’s training can help the individual to find out the teaching mentality of nature within her own personality. Steadfastness and patience are the two important character traits of a teacher. If the teacher already possesses this nature it helps her to conduct classes and if she doesn’t have it she can develop it in her character.

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Laxmon Gope is an expert teacher in the field of Primary teaching and is associated with institute of International Teachers Training. He mostly teaches the pre primary teachers training course with expertise and extensive curriculum.