Everybody is directed to explore and realize God, either consciously, or unconsciously. When I use the word ‘God’, you may mean something else and I may mean something else. So, just to proceed with our communication with each other, let us have a common meaning of God as the highest possible level of bliss and beatitude. I don’t think there may be any difference between us on this meaning, irrespective of the fact that what else we mean by this word ‘God’. Whatever one does, the conscious or unconscious purpose behind one’s activities is to feel good, to feel happy. That’s why I say everyone is always, day and night, all 24x7 hours, engaged in realizing the supreme truth. If your effort is conscious, logical and passionate you can make quantum jump, otherwise you will keep drifting for ages; of course in same direction. Sometimes your path may be circuitous, sometimes straight. Since, we have intelligence, so we must endeavor to make a quantum jump to our ultimate destination. And this ultimate destination is God; because God is nothing, but it is just the highest possible destination, which humanity can think of. God is the highest possible level of bliss, intelligence, consciousness, virtue and power and to evolve to this state of Ultimate is and should be the ultimate goal of all intelligent being.
Now the question is how to realize this Ultimate, called God? What are the prerequisites to proceed on the path of this supreme evolution?
There are three pre-requisites:

1. First –the logical and analytical mind to proceed on the path of search. Search, not the belief. The path of belief and blind faith can never take you to the ultimate truth. The preaching about belief and faith is nothing, but the instrument of exploitation or self- deception.

2. Crude honesty with the self. Most of people try to be honest with the others, but they keep ignoring the self. Unless and until you are honest with the self, how can you be honest to others? You can never be. If you are not happy, you can never make others happy. By ‘Crude honesty with self’ I mean -during the journey of exploration, whatever belief and faith you have, if you come across just opposite reality. You should have the courage to abandon your old belief and accept the new self perceived reality. Clinging to the old belief is biggest barrier of truth realization. So, if you are honest, honest in your venture to explore the ultimate truth, you must have the power to abandon your old belief instantly as you come across a new reality. Don’t be slave of anyone, even of yourself too. Free yourself from all bondages, because God is the ultimate freedom, if you remain confined to a cocoon, how you will realize the vastest of the vast, that we call God. He is beyond all confinements. Labeling oneself as a Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc. is nothing, but just putting our self in confinement. Truth is universal; it is not confined to any matrix.

3. The third pre-requisites to realize God is a burning passion. Most of people wish to realize God on their own terms and conditions. God is not too cheap to be realized on petty conditionality. God is a totally unconditioned reality, so you will have to free yourself from your nonsense conditionality. In Hindus, one looks for auspicious moments for prayer or other spiritual ritualties. What nonsense it is! All moments are his creations. How any moment can be un-auspicious? People who are not passionate in their search, they put their terms and conditions before they start for spiritual exploration. These people are certainly not looking for the ultimate reality. They are just trying to seek their own crafted reality.

If you have these three qualifications, then I welcome you to this grand sojourn to the ultimate level of highest possible bliss and beatitude. I welcome you to this ultimate destination of the infinite sky of freedom; freedom from all agonies, freedom from all bondages and limitations, freedom from all compulsions and compunctions. In the next communication, I will suggest about some experiments. You need to do these experiments without making any prior opinion about them. Form your opinion about them after you do them with totality. Ultimately you have to proceed on this path with your own realization and intelligence. Please wait for my next communication.
Thank You.

Swami Aaron, MBA

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Author of:

• A Date with God
• In Love with All Beautiful Women
• On the Wings of the Self
• The Journey of Speaking Silence
• Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe
• Beyond the Beyond
• Quantum Jump into God

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I am an author, artist, entrepreneur and spiritual scientist. I am a fundamental thinker. I do not accept anything as a fact just because the whole world considers it as a fact or truth. I do not condemn something just because it is condemned by the whole world. To realize the vast absolute truth, one has to be analytical and objective in approach because truth is always objective and universal. The path of belief can never lead to the realization of the absolute truth; only the path of scientific search can lead you to the truth. Search is a quite painful process, that’s why only a few people have been able to realize the truth. Secondly to realize truth one has to expand till the vastest possible domain of existence, then only the absolute truth can be realized in its totality. So unless and until one transcends to the vastest possible matrix of the existence we cannot realize the absolute truth. And this is possible only through super consciousness. Localized and deterministic consciousness can’t give the realization of the absolute truth. So one has to transcend one’s mind and pervade to the entire existence to realize the total truth. When one is established in Super- consciousness, the entire existence reveals its divine mystery. So I have worked a lot on Super- consciousness and through my books, though some are in fiction and in poetry format, I have tried my best to explain Super- consciousness. Following are the books authored by me:

1. A Date with God
2. In Love with All Beautiful Women
3. On the Wings of the Self
4. The Journey of Speaking Silence
5. Beyond the Beyond
6. Dancing on the Last Edge of the Universe

Presently I am working on my new novel “Divine Dance of Lust” and “Enjoy Bachelor Life after Marriage”

I have made more than hundred paintings on canvas in oil and acrylic to depict Super- consciousness. I am a Post Graduate in Management Science. After my education I started my advertising business and then established an IT Company. Apart from these, I am a Management Consultant. I give consultancy about business development, marketing and advertising, strategic sustained business expansion etc. Now I want to focus on my NGO “Divine Bliss foundation” through which a vast segment of society could be served.

Thank You.

Swami Aaron, MBA

Email: Swami.Aaron@gmail.com