Just about every parent wants only the best for their children. The most wondrous thing about parenting is the bond that seems almost instinctive, so it matters not what the reality is, your own kids are always THE most precious angelic and talented kids there ever were. And that is the way it should be. And of course they are.

And so we always want the best for them. We want to shield them from harm, nurture them and spoil them rotten. If we could give them the moon we would. Sure if we are successful in life we can give them a wealth of material goods.

One of the things of the most value we can give our kids is a good education. Many people don't realize this or regard it of lower importance to the material. This is especially the case as kids watch TV and pick up the desire for the worldly things and instant gratification very quickly. It is also easy to give in, but the one thing you can give your kids, and you can only give it to them when they are young, is a good education which will set them up for their whole life.

Education and early training is most effective when children are just starting to develop their cognitive skills. If you can stimulate that when they are young the brain acquires a natural desire to learn, understand and reason, if this opportunity is missed the child's chances are severely diminished. That is not to say they cannot do well in later life but it makes their schooling and early life experience that much more of an uphill battle.

This is what Kidz Preschool sets out to achieve. It presents all kids from infancy through to school going age with a carefully constructed learning and play environment which is stimulus rich. All staff are qualified and are required to attend annual courses to keep their certification up to date. Each child enrolled is regarded as one of our children rather than just another kid. The school assesses each child on a continuous basis making sure they are constantly being challenged and taught how to meet those challenges. And most importantly they are taught that learning is fun. They are also in a social environment and so are taught from an early age the social skills and the friendship skills that will stand them in good stead forever.

There is a infants facility able to start looking after any baby from about 6 weeks old upwards. Each baby has a warm secure and comforting environment with careers who never take their eye off the ball. The net stage are toddlers between the ages of 1 & 2 where cognitive development really starts and they really start picking up things fast. The teachers provide stimulus where required and care and guidance so that the kids mobility and cognition development is stimulated without being over pushed. And then there are the pre-schoolers where everything starts to come together and the kids start developing personalities of their own.

Kidz, Kidz, Kidz in and around Las Vegas is a great place to start your child on their journey through life.

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Kidz Preschool our goal is to help support parents, while providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for their children. They aim to provide the foundation children will need to continue their education when they are ready to move on, and are commited to providing age appropriate programs that stimulate the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, sensory, and creative development of each child.