When a professional stylist talks "pre-work," he or she is normally referring to a series of steps that are elementary to all professional grooming procedures
Appraising the overall condition of the pet:

Trimming nails
Trimming pads
Cleaning ears
Clearing the sanitary areas of some breeds
Checking anal glands
Evaluation Process
No matter the dog, the first step in grooming is to appraise the pet's overall condition.
The conditions that you find will help you communicate to the owner what you can or cannot do for their pet on that day
Bathing Drying The method or combination of methods


The best professional stylists are those who have developed a confident degree of dexterity will Moreover good scissor work is rarely found on a badly clipped dog. The two just do not go together.

Holding the Clipper

For maximum freedom of movement and improved efficiency, hold the clipper like a large pencil, between the thumb and fingers. "Palming" the clipper makes for clumsy, awkward clipper handling and puts the pet at risk for cuts, nicks and irritation. Concentrate on positioning yourself so that the clipper is pulled toward you and held comfortably like a pencil. There are rare times when holding the clippers in your palm will improve dexterity, but this applies to very few moves. To create the least amount of stress on your fingers and wrist, grasp the clipper at the "balance point" so the weight is equally distributed between each end. Hold the clipper in the correct position, then rotate it between your thumb and fingers. This positioning keeps your wrist firm but flexible yet allows for almost unlimited wrist movement. This hold offers access to the most difficult corners of the pet with minimum effort. Concentrate on minimising your wrist action. Andis Provide the dog hair trimmer india proudly made in USA products. They manufacture genuine quality high precision pet grooming products like Trimmer, nail clipper, deshedding and dematting tool.

Nail Care
Long nails are more than unsightly, they also present a potential health problem. Unattended nails may grow long enough to cause the entire tenant & bone structure of the foot and pastern to in Pet grooming break down.

From an aesthetic standpoint, nails that a too long make it all but impossible to trim a perfectly styled foot shape because the long nails under the tail. urge the rounded line of the foot.

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