Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility. Right from the time, you conceive your first baby, your responsibility towards your baby starts. Initially it starts by taking care of your unborn by eating the right food at the right time and taking adequate rest. Once your baby is born, there is no end to the commotion list.

The first and the most important thing the doctors will ask you to learn is baby feeding. There is nothing too difficult about baby feeding, and they say -feeding baby is the most natural thing to do. The only thing you need to learn about baby feeding is how to hold your baby while you are feeding your baby. It is not very complicated and the nurses are always there to give you your first lesson on feeding baby. Before your baby is born, you must have probably decided if you will use disposable or cloth diaper.

Whichever you have decided to use be sure that you will need to change the diaper more than 10 times a day. In addition, be sure that you change the diaper regularly, as unattended wet diaper will give your baby, diaper rashes. Diaper rashes are very common as your baby's skin is very sensitive and soft. You can use diaper rash cream to avoid these rashes. Before you buy a cream check if your diaper rash cream contains zinc oxide, these creams will create a barrier against moisture and will prevent rashes to come. Diaper rashes are generally red and a little bumpy and they disappear within 3 days. If they seem to be getting worse and the rash continues, it is best to consult your doctor immediately.

The most important and tricky thing while handling a baby is baby bathing. Your baby is very small and will not need a bath for the first two weeks at least. In addition, when the doctor has approved, start with a sponge bath. Use a clean cloth and warm water and clean your baby's face first and then his body. Once your baby's umbilical cord falls off and the naval heels completely your baby is ready for his first baby bath. You will need a clean wash cloth, towel, warm water, and baby soap. Initially buy a baby soap that is scent free and very mild. You can use an infant bathtub also, with this it will be very easy to manage the bath time.

Taking care of the baby is not very complicated; it is definitely a little tricky. It is always better to consult your doctor if you have any doubts about feeding and nutrition. At home, advices from your mother or grandmothers will be very useful as they have loads of first-hand experience in baby handling. However, the fundamental part in feeding your baby is always incorporate a safe place, remove items that can be accidentally swallowed and keep electrical appliances away from the feeding area. Seek out online help if not all the suggestions mentioned are viable to your situation. There are professionals who can gladly reach out their arm for your problems in handling babies.

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Andrea McManus is a professional, licensed speech and feeding therapist that has been successfully providing Long Island feeding therapy for over 10 years. She has helped hundreds of kids from babies and toddlers to teens achieve success in better eating habits and doing so as an ongoing solution. Connect with her through the website,