There are many occasions when we try to find a gift for the loved ones and end up buying some sort of jewelry like diamond rings, pendants etc. Off late, with the advent of technology and globalization, the trend for diamond jewelry increased tremendously. Many people prefer diamonds in their jewelry when a gift is being purchased or gifted. With the huge demand for diamond jewelry, there have been many incidents of cheating and scams done by the jewelry shop owners and one has to be very careful while dealing with such things. Here are few points that one should keep in mind before emptying their pockets on something so precious….

Choose a reliable outlet: There has been so much increase in demand for diamond jewelry that many outlets have been opened to sell diamond jewelry. There are diamond jewelry shops at every place and it’s a tricky thing to choose a place to shop. One has to be careful in this choice and should go by the word of mouth. Hear to your friends, colleagues, check the local newspapers etc. and also online for any reviews. Only after a careful review, the shop/outlet has to be chosen. People tend to be in a hurry when it comes to gifts, like promise rings, and purchase things on the fly, which should be thoroughly avoided.

Verify the international diamond Rating certificates: Once in the shop, while we should be concentrating on the design and look of the jewelry, one needs to have an eye on the certificates being shown. For each of the diamonds present in the jewelry, one has to check the authenticity of them by validating the various international certificates. Many internationally renowned institutes provide these certificates and one has to check the reliability of such certificates.

Remember to get a proper receipt of the purchase: Once the purchase has been finalized, one has to make sure that a proper, authentic bill is being prepared with all the details about the purchase. Even if it’s a small purchase like wedding bands, one has to make sure that a proper receipt is generated and provided. There have been many instances where items purchased turned out to be of bad/low quality and since no receipt was taken, the customer had to lose the money. Even if it’s a renown store, its always a good practice to demand and receive an exact receipt of the purchase whether it’s small or big.

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