Libra Children:

People often think of Libras as soft gentle loving souls who simply want to shop, dine by candlelight, and talk your ear off. The truth is that Libra’s children are some of the kindest most diplomatic dictators you will ever meet. They fight for justice and will make sure that the underdog gets his day of glory. Libra is the personification of the concept ‘kill them with kindness’ and, ‘honey attracts more than vinegar’. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your chatty Libra is an airhead. They are brilliant and often have a mission in mind. Yes, there are plenty of times that they simply want someone to talk to for companionship’s sake, but quite often they are analyzing how to improve the world around them.

As the parent of a Libra child, you need to understand that the most important word in their vocabulary is ‘we’. Unlike so many other signs that are ‘me’ oriented, this zodiac sign focuses predominantly on interpersonal connections and needs companionship at a very deep level. They may or may not want lots of hugs and kisses, but these children will definitely want someone to talk to. They need to bounce ideas off of others and to connect on a verbal intellectual level. Sharing one’s thoughts is like sharing one’s soul. It is not at all about random babbling. For these children, it is all about sharing the intellectual buzz that constantly flows through their mind.

One of the worst things you can do to a Libra child is to tell them to shut up and sit quiet. That is the equivalent of telling them to stop connecting to humanity. Sitting quietly holding someone’s hand, or snuggling up in Grandpa’s lap might be cozy but it makes the child want to open up and connect on a deeper more meaningful level. For them that means speaking openly and honestly about what is in their hearts and what is on their mind. Forcing them to ‘be seen and not heard’ cripples their ability to find their own place in the world. Through conversations they are able to figure out where they stand, who they are, and how the rest of the world sees them. Their self-worth is determined by their ability to negotiate, to persuade, and to share the higher ideals that they see as necessary for humanity.

One of the most difficult things for a Libra to endure is a lifestyle of ugliness. They are easily thrown off balance by arguing, violence, stressful atmospheres and crude hateful mannerisms. Libra children are born with an innate sense of beauty, peace, and harmony. They will move heaven and earth to make sure their little corner of the world lives up to their ideals. They are diplomatic, tactful, and incredibly diligent in their efforts to moderate peaceful family relationships. Do not be surprised if your little Libra jumps right into the middle of all family arguments and starts telling everyone what to do in order to reach a win-win conclusion. They are not trying to be nosey or bossy; it is a just form of self-preservation. They must negotiate a peaceful end to any arguing or strife among the members of the household. If the
Negativity continues and they are unable to bring peace to the family, they can become emotionally upset to the point of even getting physically ill. They are not being manipulative when they say arguing and fighting makes their tummy hurt. They really are that sensitive.

You do not have to treat your Libra child like a delicate flower. They are much tougher than people realize. They have an undying spirit and will continually fight for what they believe in even though it may cost them dearly. They are not martyrs and most likely will not let on that they are having problems. They will do everything in their power to use those magic words that are so dear to them in order to bring about the changes they want to see in their world. They are not politicians looking for stardom and power; they are diplomats of peace and justice because they truly believe in what they are doing. Whether fighting for the local schools as class president, arguing to be allowed to save the stray dog that followed them home or becoming the happiness police among family members, these children are warriors of the heart.

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