Aquarius Children:

Aquarius children are ruled by the same planet that rules electricity and group activities. These kids are popular and funny. They are natural leaders not because of wanting to lead but from a natural charisma that simply attracts followers. They are eccentric and pride themselves on being unique individuals. These are the kids who not only pull the household electronics apart just to see how they work but can also put them back together again. Do not be surprised if your vacuum cleaner or VCR works even better after they finish exploring the inner workings. Aquarius children are extremely intelligent and use that intelligence to create daily adventures for themselves. You had better be on your toes. This is not a mild mannered child content to sit sweetly by your side calmly coloring in their color books. This is an action packed, fun filled, adventure loving child who is the best friend to all children and animals that cross his path.

The hardest thing about parenting an Aquarius child is to understand the way they seem to love independence, but at the same time they are very stubborn and set in their ways. They have little routines that they hate to see broken. It is difficult for a lot of people to understand that the reason they can stretch beyond their comfort zone and jump out of trees or go sky diving is because they follow the same exact routine every single morning. They get up at 6am, shower at 6:10am, eat breakfast at 6:35am, organize their schoolbooks into their backpack at 6:45am, brush their teeth at 6:50am and are out the door at exactly 7am. Watch closely and you will find that they have these little routines woven into their day. If you can teach your Aquarius child to laugh at themselves for their attachment to these little routines, then it will help them to not be so emotional about it. Do not try to stop them from having their routines though; it gives them their deepest sense of security so that they can go forward in life where no man has gone before to explore the great unknown universe.

Aquarius children are natural class clowns. They love making people laugh and hanging out with friends more then any other sign. You would think that a great way to discipline Aquarius children is to ground them so that they are not allowed to go outside to play with their friends. That’s true, but you will find that even if you ground them to their bedrooms and forbid them to play with their toys, including their computers and game stations, they will still be more than happy to bury themselves away in their rooms reading their favorite adventure stories. Since reading is so good for them, it is hard to take their books away from them, but do not be surprised if they are not overly depressed at the idea of spending a few days alone curled up with a good book.

The best way to get an Aquarius child to stop doing something is to sit down with them and really explain to them the reasons why you want them to stop. If you talk to them as intelligent beings and do not throw in any silly double standards, then they will usually decide for themselves that your rules have merit and will embrace the rules from their own belief. The one thing that will never sway an Aquarius child is to simply say, “Because I said so” or “Because it’s the law.” Even if they keep their thoughts to themselves, you will be able to see by the look on their faces that they are not convinced.

Your Aquarian is a humanitarian and as such, they hate to sell out on their principles. Do not try to make them conform to society’s cookie cutter lifestyle. Do not be surprised when your teenager explains to you that they get bad grades because they do not like being dictated to by a teacher who is not as intelligent as they are. If a teacher comes across as less then humane, they will boycott learning from him. That teacher is simply not worthy of the honor of being their teacher. You are going to have to teach them that sometimes our bosses, politicians and other authority figures are not as intelligent as we would like them to be. The key is to help them to find a way to work within the system while still maintaining their personal sense of dignity. Remind them that life is a game. All games have rules and challenges or else they are too easy to hold our attention.

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