Cancer Children:

Everyone always says that Cancer’s children are moody and they grow up to be moody adults. I have to disagree. Most Cancers are rather stable emotionally speaking. They can be a bit volatile when they feel attacked and they are like a lioness protecting her cubs, but they are not moody while doing so. They are not as short-tempered as an Aries and not as long-tempered as a Taurus. They are not as sensitive as a Pisces and not as insensitive as a Sagittarius. (Sagittarians are infamous for poking fun at others and often do not realize that they may have hurt the other person’s feelings. They are not without a heart; they just are not always as sensitive as some would like them to be.) All things equal, a Cancer is somewhere in the middle of all of the emotional extremes. It’s their sharp tongue that makes people so aware of what they are feeling.

Your Cancer child is not shy. If you have hurt their feelings, they will tell you so. They do not hide it and let it build up until they explode. They let off little bits of steam as needed. If they disagree with you, then they will tell you. If they love you, they tell you. If they think your outfit looks awful on you, then they will tell you. Cancer children speak their minds openly and honestly but never to hurt you. They tell you that you are wrong because they believe that it is in your best interest to be informed.

Like a little old grandmother, they will cuddle and nurture you. You will wonder which of you the actual parent is. A Cancer child is not a needy submissive child, but they do love to be held and to snuggle. If you give them the freedom to speak their minds and to tell you what they need when they need it, then they will simply walk up to you and announce that it is time to go cuddle on the sofa together. If you are in the mood to cuddle and they are busy playing with toys, then they will quite simply tell you that this is not the time. Many people mistake that for being moody, it is not.

If they see that you are hurting or that life has you feeling a bit stressed, they will take it upon themselves to care for you in the manner that they see fit. Cancers will not ask you how you want to be nurtured; they will simply decide for themselves and will implement it with or without your permission. They tell you how to love them and they tell you how you need to be loved. As long as you understand that, there is no reason to disagree. Naturally, they are not always correct and when you try to tell them that they are wrong, they will argue quite passionately. They can become rather venomous if pushed too far and will rarely admit defeat. It is a good feeling to have a Cancer fighting for your cause!

Teach your Cancer child that sometimes the best way to nurture and care for another person is by listening to them and giving them love in a way that works for them. Explain to your Cancer child that not everyone shows love through snuggling. Some people simply need a trusted friend to talk to. Some people need to have you work side-by-side on a project with them. Teach them that while it is true that some people have no idea what they really need in order to feel better, others know exactly what they need. They also need to know that just because a person does not currently need to be taken care of, it does not mean that they should be ignored either. Not everyone is a lost lamb in search of a shepherd. And finally, not everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. Sometimes there are pieces of information that has been hidden from us and we do not always know all of the details when making decisions about what is best for others.

Overall, you will find that Cancer children are quite lovable and very easy to bring up. Teach them to bite their tongue before snapping at others and to truly listen to others as part of their nurturing and they will grow up to become some of the best healers, teachers, and caregivers you will ever meet. Cancer children are intuitive and will see more then you realize. That is why they are so often right about what it is that we need in order to feel better. Just polish up their presentation skills and people will quit calling them moody.

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