Leo Children:

Leo’s children are much more sensitive than people think. They can walk around like little kings wearing crowns, but almost every Leo adult is carrying around a deep haunting childhood wound. They are also more sensitive than people think. Those Leos that are lucky enough to have happy healthy childhoods are incredible leaders with a charisma and charm that is unlike any other. How do you make sure your little Leo turns out well?

One of the most important things you can do for your Leo child is to be a role model a positive healthy love life. Make sure that they see that it is possible to have a loving happy relationship with someone which is also respectful. Adult Leos are either desperately holding on from a clingy and needy perspective or they are actively avoiding love and commitment for fear of disaster. Your job is to show them that even when two adults disagree, they can still treat each other kindly and can work through their problems together. This will go a long way to help your Leo grow up to believe that ‘happily ever after’ is possible.

In addition, you have to walk a fine line with your Leo child. On the one hand, they are naturally confident and can be easily spoiled to the point that they become bullies. On the other hand, they are easily shattered and can become suicidal if they feel that they are failures. You have to be a hands-on parent and really pay attention to the details. Find that healthy parenting zone between cheering them so much that they become egomaniacs and blowing them off so that they feel worthless. Encourage them and let them know that you are really and truly proud of their accomplishments but do not go overboard. It does not take very much encouragement to keep them quite happy and motivated. The key is to deliver little bits in a timely manner. You cannot ignore them most of the time and then occasionally dump a ton of praise upon them. They won’t believe you. If they were truly great in your eyes, you would not ignore them all of the time. That’s just the way they think.

Give your Leo a strong belief in romance and a strong balanced sense of self-esteem and they will become very dynamic loving adults. With these two foundations in place, then it is easier to teach your Leo child about compassion and forgiveness. Teach them about the personal benefits of forgiveness. If you simply tell them that it is not nice to hold a grudge, they will think you are being illogical and will probably ignore you. You need to show them logical practical reasons to be open-minded and forgiving. They need a good reason not to be judgmental of others. Something as arbitrary as ‘God says so’ is not really going to work with them. It takes more then just role modeling kindness; you need to actually explain the inner peace and personal joy that comes from being a truly kind person.

As long as we are on the topic of logic, you should understand that Leos pride themselves on being logical and sensible. At an early age, you will notice that they have very little tolerance for ignorance or people who live with their head in the clouds. They have a natural desire to surround themselves with people who think the way that they think. Help them to see that not everyone can possibly know everything about everything and that some people who seem ‘stupid’ in their eyes may simply be gifted in areas that they themselves have not yet studied. This will be especially true of things like metaphysics, the paranormal, spiritual mysteries, and maybe even psychiatry. As a parent, you can really open their minds to exploring the mysteries of the universe if you make it fun and do it together. You will probably have to give them a very scientific approach to learning, because something as vague as ‘the Bible tells me so’ will not mean much to your Leo child. Show them with hands on lessons that ‘God’ is in the details.

Leos that have been raised with a proper balance of self-esteem and humility, an ability to comprehend and respect another’s viewpoint, and a strong belief in ‘happily ever after’, are all outstandingly successful in their careers, their marriages, and are ideal leaders of their communities.

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