Sagittarius Children:

Sagittarian children are very intelligent. They like to know how things work and why they work. They can analyze the inner workings of just about everything. They are always friendly and bright. They have the signs of the eternal optimist. Their brilliant mind is always at work. They can be charming, funny, logical, magnetically appealing and manipulative. They are so smart that they know exactly how to handle you while all the while making you feel special and important. They are loyal friends: they are always there to teach you how to laugh in the face of depression and to find ways to outsmart your insecurities.

The main complaint people have about Sagittarius is that they sometimes use cruel words and they sometimes have problems with staying in a one-on-one committed relationship. The thing with Sagittarius is that they hate lies and superficial or fake behavior. That is part of why their comments can be so cutting and cruel at times. Teach your Sagittarius child why it hurts people to have the cruel truth thrown in their face. It is not that Sagittarius is wrong when they make an observation about someone. They are usually correct. It is just the harsh public presentation of that observation that is so difficult to handle. Teach them how to speak their truth tactfully. Show them that there is a time and a place for their comments.

Deep down, they are freedom lovers. Teach them about fidelity and long-term commitment. They may or may not require it in their own life, but if educated about how others view it and knowing that many folks actually need a one-on-one life partner, they will be very careful not to hurt anyone. They love everyone and really do not mean to hurt people.

When raising a Sagittarius child, you must remember that they are students of life. They rule the house of philosophy, long journeys, publishing, spiritual quests, universities and communicating higher ideals. Sagittarius children get bored easily and will hate being bound by too much routine. They need to laugh and play. For them soaking up information about the workings of life is a form of play. They are like the wandering minstrel who travels throughout the world gathering information and stories of other people and cultures. They make wonderful teachers because they love to share the wisdom they gain during their independent studies.

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