There are two parts of astrology -

Ganit (Mathematics) - It is all about the calculation of Planetary, Bhav position & drawing the birth chart. This comes under the domain of modern-day computer and a computer program can calculate these details and draw charts more accurately than a person.

Phalit (Prediction) - This is the most complicated part where most of the computer program fails and give incorrect prediction/same prediction even if you make some drastic changes in input details.

Prediction is an art backed with logic that requires the use of both sides of the brain equally. Prediction depends on your power of imagination/intuition from the placement of the planet and at the same time applying logical reasoning and interpretation.

This area comes under cognitive intelligence and it will be very difficult to implement in a computer program as it is an NP-Hard (A term that describes computational complexity) type problem.

One should never trust prediction made by a computer program/automated Rajyog report and contact a learned astrologer

One more issue which I have observed that most of the apps/ astrology websites sugarcoating everything (even worst placement) which misguides people.

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Sritulasi is a professional astrologer having an experience of more than 30 years. Follow her more astrology articles.