When it comes to translating the medical and technical documents from French to English and vice versa, the manual process should always be favored over automated translation to avoid mistakes and to yield precise result. Taking into consideration that various countries may have predominantly thousands of dialects and different languages, there are times localization is preferred the best solution. So, sometimes localization is preferred for better understanding of the content.

When it comes to translating of medical and technical processes it is vital, as these are specialized field. The manuals of machines, medical devices, technical process or pharmaceutical instructions, can be done in such a manner which can be easily understood. Therefore, the quality of medical translations and technical translation is of paramount importance and it should above excellence mark. The impact of not being able to understand the manual of technical and medical devices and drugs information could lead to devastating. This could be the reason to prefer manual over automatic translations, as the latter may not be able to capture the true essence of information.

The translators are qualified doctors and engineers who are expert in medical and technical processes and have capability to bring out the right essence of the process. Further, they are able to do translations that are accurate and correct in the orderly transfer of information needed. Therefore, with medical and technical translations, there's absolutely no chance of errors or inaccuracies. Manual translation service must be able to provide reliable and accurate reproductions of original, for correct understanding.

Following are some of the main features that you could find in the manual translation and localization services.

- Ideally, the person or translation service hired for the job should be an expert translator. It is necessary that they should be in this business for long enough to have been to build a trustworthy reputation in their name.

- The quality of hired staff should be of world class. They must be qualified and trained for the job, having the requisite degree and certificates. The team should comprise of translators, writers, editors and project managers.

- They must have capability to develop a range of services. For example, few of translation services, provide translations in over 200 languages.

- The hired service provider must be able to provide references of clients for consideration for their quality of service, timely completion of the job etc.

If you are looking for manual translation services for medical and technical textbooks, there would be a wide range of options available. Internet is flooded with different options to choose from. Before the award of contract, translation service evaluation is the best thing to do. The importance of translations manuals has more to do with the quality of service extended.

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