A pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions and an experience that most women never forget. The joy of bringing new life into the world far outweighs the many challenges you go through during the 9 months. When the dust settles and the excitement of the new addition to the family normalizes you can start settling down again and one of the big challenges you are faced with is in getting your body back to its former glory.

Women who fail to act after their pregnancy usually pay the long term price. The real secret is to act quickly and to start working on the 2 main issues you will face namely stretch marks and weight loss. Lets look at these 2 separately.

Stretch Marks:
This is a problem that almost all women face when their skin expands to its very limit during pregnancy. The main area that is affected is the belly but some women also get stretch marks on the breasts. These marks are small scars that is caused by the skin "tearing". Although there is no quick fix apart from surgery you can use creams and even laser treatments. It can take time but eventually you can get rid of these marks completely.

Weight Loss:
During your pregnancy you will gain weight. This is partly natural and partly due to the fact that you eat much more than usual. On top of this you are much less active when pregnant which means you will gain much more weight than usual. Its important that you start a weight loss program as soon as possible but more than anything you need to get active again. By simply starting to walk you can slowly start building your fitness to a point where you can exercise. Its by far the quickest and easiest way to lose weight. Be careful of diets though because if you are breastfeeding it can be unhealthy for you and your baby.

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