We all know that when it come to losing weight, there is one thing that is more difficult than anything else and that is to stay motivated. We can all stick to a weight loss plan for a day or two. Sometimes we even last a week but its only when you stick it out all the way that you will be successful. To be able to do this you need motivation - and a lot of it.

After your pregnancy life can be hectic and losing your pregnancy weight can be an immense challenge with all your new responsibilities. This is where motivation comes in. Motivation is nothing but a "motive" for "action" - its what give you a reason for doing it. In simple terms you can either be motivated by a carrot or a stick. You can either be motivated by pain or by pleasure and to get enough leverage we want to use both. Here are 3 simple suggestions to help you lose weight.

1. Self esteem

Most women lose that "sexy" feeling after they have their first child and with the extra weight you can easily look and feel a far shot from where you were. This can make you feel less than good about your body. Self esteem is really important in life and unless you feel good about yourself you simply won't be a happy and confident person.

2. Health and well being

Being a parent comes with a few new responsibilities and these are indeed a heavy weight on anyone's shoulders. Being healthy for the sake of your children is a motivation enough for most new mothers. The ability to play with your kids, to be fit and healthy is something that you owe your kids. You are also a role model now and you need to ask yourself what kind of role model you want to be. Being overweight can have serious implications for your health and often times women explode after pregnancy. Don't let that happen to you.

3. Relationships

This can be a big deal. Most relationships are challenged when you become parents. Do you still feel sexy and do you think your husband still finds you attractive? These are rather tender issues but its something you need to think about. Looking and feeling attractive is important for you in the relationship and being fat and overweight can chip away at your intimacy if you don't take action.

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