Peshawar: A Pregnant Pakistani woman has a nail that is hammered to her head by a healer of faith who said she would guarantee she gave birth to a son, a doctor said Wednesday.
Faith Exploitative Healers, whose practice is rooted in Mystic Sufi Lore, commonly throughout Pakistan Muslim-majority regardless of disapproval of several Islamic schools.

In South Asia,a son is often believed to offer better financial security to parents than princesses.

The woman arrived at a hospital in the northwestern city of Peshawar after trying to extract the nail itself with Tang, Doctor Haider Khan told AFP.

"He is fully conscious, but with a very large pain," Khan said, who released a surge.

Mother of three daughters said she was pregnant with another girl, added a doctor.

X-rays showed five centimeter (two inches) had stabbed the top of the woman's forehead but skipped her brain.

Khan said the hammer or other heavy objects used to tap it.

The woman initially told the hospital staff she had hammered nails to her own head over the suggestion of faith healers, before later said that she had done that action.

Peshawar's stabrid tried to track the woman to question her.

"We have collectedCCTV footagefrom the hospital and hoped to reach the woman immediately," said Abbas City Police Chief Ahsan told AFP.

"We will soon put our hands on witches," he said.

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