Premature Ejaculation is a burning topic among the male people. Especially young man, newly married male are affected by this problem. Sometimes its reason is more physiological than pathogenesis. A young man with high level curiosity, passion and obsession towards sex may experience the night mare of premature ejaculation during sex. With time this problem gets solved with Premature Ejaculation Ayurvedic Treatment.

When the husband stays away of home he gets minimum chance of love making with his wife. In this case Astang Ayurveda Aphrocare suggests increasing the frequency of sex. It will come down the curiosity and gradually increase the times span of sex.

Sometimes premature ejaculation comes as the complication of different diseases. In that case we have to manage the root disease, the mental state and early ejaculation.

When premature ejaculation comes as the output of hormonal imbalancement, it is not wise to go for a hormonal compensatory treatment. Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment plays a vital role in managing the problem. The herbo-mineral medicines prepare with Ayurvedic concept gives stimulation to the internal organs. It gives relief from Premature Ejaculation and sustainable result to the patients.

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Dr. A.P Nayak is the best sexual disorder specialists in Bhubaneswar at Astang Ayurveda is the name use Aphrocare.