People have different standards when it comes to bodybuilding goals, and program routines and diets also vary. Your buddies at the gym may rave about their post-workout supplements and how these helped transformed their bodies, but the benefits may not be applicable to yours. It’s unfortunate that body types and metabolic rates determine results, at least in part; otherwise, there should be a single template formula for ripped, fit physiques. Workout programs won’t matter without proper nutrition, though, and bodybuilders need more of certain nutrients in their diet than the average guy on the street. It’s either that or lean, healthy muscles are gained solely by sheer effort at the gym.

Recovery and Growth Depend on Diet

Diet plans are aplenty nowadays, but most nutritionists agree that eating six small meals a day is the best way to go. You have to consider your meals complimentary to your workout sessions, though. Meals taken hours before or after your session determine your recovery and growth rate. So which is the most important meal of the day, you might ask? There’s a running notion that breakfast is the essential meal of the day, which is true to a certain extent. Considering that you need energy to jumpstart your workday, a heavy morning meal should be enough to tide you through to the afternoon hours.

Intense Diet Plans for Intense Workouts

Bodybuilders need to digest more nutrients in preparation for intense routines, though. Pre and post-workout meals are undoubtedly the most important parts of your day. The difference between these is your digestion. In this sense, pre-workout meals guarantee you’re well stocked with everything you need to power through a session, with enough gas on your tank. Some compensate for the difference by taking pre-workout supplements, easily consumed and easily digested, but nothing beats the combination of nutrients found in a proper meal. Besides, you’ll feel sluggish if you don’t consume carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals before your workout; you can’t take supplements on an empty stomach.

Meal Staples for a Healthy Physique

Your meals should contain the staples found in your supplement, and then some. Carbohydrates are your main source of energy, and glycogen is muscle food which prevents breakdown of mass. Make sure you consume foods rich in complex carbs, though, such as oats, beans, and root crops (sweet potatoes in particular). High-protein meals also ensure your muscles rebuild and grow while resting between routines and after your workout. Lean meats, beans, and eggs meet part of your daily quota of digestible protein, as much as you can consume in one sitting. A well-balanced diet still applies to serious bodybuilders, so make sure servings of veggies and fruits are also part of your meal plan.

Supplementation Fills Gaps in Your Diet

Supplementation can compensate for gaps in your diet, with efficient delivery and absorption. In case your body needs to consume more protein and nutrients your meals can’t provide, then you should consider pre, post, and intra-workout supplements as necessities. You can browse for supplements at retailers like Nutritionwarehouse or at your local fitness store. Remember that supplementation is considered an afterthought to your meals, though. Your ripped physique may not have the health and strength to back it up if you skimp on the digestible nutrients found in your diet.

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