Imagine your home inspection report in a state of a complete mess, with no specific format and no consistent font style. This happens when you hand over a cluttered and untidy home to your inspector. A home inspection is a meticulous task and needs higher levels of concentration and mental peace.

So, before you schedule a home inspection date, get things done at your end. Steer away from the clutter and keep your home inspection-compliant for your own good.

Here are certain steps to follow

Prepare a checklist for your reference.

Before calling a home inspector in ottawa ON, evaluate the house by yourself and prepare a list of things that need consideration. This is not a way to analyse the inspector’s skills but to participate in the process. Make a checklist, listing out things that need immediate attention and which are overlooked. If you can draw a map, go ahead with it. Remember, this process will take time, and so, do it in advance.

Keep all the documentation ready.

If you are organized enough, you must have the documents of repairs and remodelling done in the past. If not, then inculcate a practice of retaining the paperwork of even minor changes done to your home. This includes roof repairs, plumbing fixes, HVAC system installations, ventilation systems, and so on. If any issue crops up during the home inspection, you need to have sufficient evidence to prove yourself. You can also show the inspector that the concerning issues have been fixed earlier itself.
Provide a de-cluttered space along with easy access.
You need to clean up all the spaces in your home so that the inspector can work in a calm, relaxed environment. If you have kids or pets or senior family members, make other stay arrangements for them. The skilled home inspector will step on the roof, or visit the basement area. So, you need to ensure that everything is free from debris and dirt, making him comfortable to work.

Secondly, you need to provide access to the rooms, closets, furnaces, appliances, and other aspects of your house. Make it clutter-free and obstacle-free. The inspector should feel the need to ask for keys and permissions to you each time he inspects the house.

Make sure your participation is distraction-free.

As you vacate the house and make it inspection-compliant, you need to be physically present. But this doesn’t mean you have to interrupt the inspector when he does his job diligently. Give him time, take your time, and ask relevant questions when he is free. You can even note down your queries and ask him later.
Conclusively, prep work is essential for a successful home inspection service, and you can do it with a little bit of dedication and support.

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