Most Spaniards will enjoy the next vacation after traveling by car. The destination is not always close to where each one lives, so before traveling it is advisable to check the condition of the car.

This type of review should not be done at least once a year, but as most drivers do not follow this advice, it is not wrong to take advantage of these dates in which you will travel to do a checkup. There are drivers with sufficient mechanical knowledge to review these elements and prepare the car for a long trip. Otherwise, it is necessary to take the car to a workshop. Sometimes faulty cars cause road accidents and if anything like that happen you should consult lawyer for that you can check Desmond Law Office, PLLC.

Compare different budgets to choose the most suitable one. You do not need to go to the official dealership: you can control the car in any workshop without losing the manufacturer's warranty and with the spare parts you want. Of course, the manufacturer will not cover defects caused by a defective repair in a foreign workshop.


Check the disks and the pads. Very few drivers know if the brakes are in good condition. Here are ten tricks to keep the brakes on point, detect faults and drive without spending too much

Oil level

Check the date of the last change. Then check the oil level, cold and with the car level.

Other liquids

Check the levels of brake fluid, windshield wipers, water, steering fluid and cooling fluid.


They are essential in driving, especially at night. Once you know the lights of your vehicle, you should check, in addition to working properly, the headlights should be clean and at the correct height. It must be ensured that replacement lights and the necessary tools are available to replace them if necessary.


Check if not. Some time ago we published five basic tips to buy a new one and you should also know how to start a car with pliers, because sometimes you can see yourself in a hurry.

Direction and suspension

The shock absorbers are very important and are part of the so-called safety triangle (along with tires and brakes).


Check that the anchors are in perfect condition.

Air filter

Safety does not depend on it, but if it is dirty, fuel consumption will increase.But a car is not only mechanical, although everything works correctly is the main measure of prevention. You should also check that the car does not miss some elements. We had already published an article about things that you should carry in the car, but this is what you should never miss:


Spare wheel

In good condition, in case you need to replace a broken one, if necessary. Of course, cat and key. Not all cars have it, some have a cookie wheel or reparapinchazoskit.

Reflective vest

It is mandatory. It must be carried in an accessible place from the driver's station.

Approved emergency triangles


All the "papers" of the vehicle, and the insurance policy.

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