Varalakshmi Pooja is a special Pooja observed with fasting by married women in South India for the welfare of their families and longevity of their husbands. ‘Varalakshmi’ means Goddess Lakshmi who grants the desired boons. Worshipping Varalakshmi on the Friday preceding the Full Moon in the month of Shravana invokes the blessings of all the eight divine forms of Mahalakshmi.

In today’s world, youngsters stay at different places away from their parents and elders and hence need guidance in Pooja preparations. Here are some tips to prepare your house to perform the varalakshmi vratham at your best:

Clean your house – During any religious ceremony, it is important to clean your house at every nook and corner. Especially Goddess Lakshmi adores cleanliness and will pleasurably enter a clean house.

List and purchase the Pooja items – List every little thing needed for the Pooja and purchase it on the earlier day of the Pooja. Most important items required for the Pooja include Pooja thread, turmeric, kumkum (red vermilion powder), kalash (metal pot), coconut, flowers, fruits, betel leaves and nuts, banana leaves and mango leaves.
Decorate your house – Decorate the house with flowers and rangolis made out of rice flour. A small rangoli pattern, which is typically a lotus flower with eight petals, is drawn on the Pooja altar where the idol is placed.
Prepare sweets – Finish the preparation of any sweet or savory on the previous day of the Pooja itself to avoid any last minute hassles.

Arrange the Kalash – The Kalash (metal pot) forms the most important component of the Pooja. Preparation of the kalash is the first step of the Pooja. You can decorate it as per your family customs. The items placed inside the pot may vary in different cultures. But a coconut is placed on the mouth of the pot and the mouth of the pot is lined with mango leaves.

Decorate the altar – The main altar where the Goddess Lakshmi is placed for worship is decorated with lotus rangoli, jewelry and new piece of cloth. A special cotton ball garland is strung to adorn the Devi’s idol. You can also decorate the altar with flowers.

Offering to Devi – Offer whatever you have prepared for the Pooja to the Goddess as Prasad on banana leaves. Perform any ritual with pure devotion and love towards the Goddess.
Welcome Goddess Varalakshmi this year in the month of Shravana to receive her unconditional love and eternal blessings.

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