If you have acquired culinary skills as well as the knowledge, you may need to consider practicing more. You must understand that the only way you are going to become better is by experimenting with different tastes and ingredients. Furthermore, you may need to work in a restaurant within your locality to gain the necessary experience on the job. You must understand that along the way, you will end up making several mistakes. However, it is through these mistakes that you get to learn; you get an opportunity to know how you can recover if things fail to work according to plan. The qualities of a good recipe include:

· A list of ingredients

A good recipe should have a list of ingredients featuring the amounts of ingredients required to prepare the meal. The ingredients could be locally sourced or acquired from stores in foreign land. The most important thing is to ensure the ingredients can be sourced without a problem; this is particularly the case with ingredients obtained from markets beyond the local market. Make sure they can be accessed through the online market.

· List ingredients according to the order of use

It is important to ensure the ingredients have been listed is according to the order in which they are expected to be used. You can decide to keep the bullet points. This will help the readers to follow the list as they prepare the dish.

· Offers the amounts of listed ingredients

A good recipe should offer the exact measurements for the listed ingredients. This way the readership will be in a position to know the quantities of ingredients they need to use in their dish.

· Offers direction for mixing ingredients

It is important to offer a simple step-by-step direction of mixing the ingredients. A good recipe should offer direction for mixing the ingredients. This is very important in case you want the readership to achieve the desired taste. The quantities of the ingredients must be outlined and the mixing provided in detail. The direction should be offered in a language that is well understood by the readership; in this case you may not want to use grammar that proves challenging.

· Give the cooking time & temperature

A good recipe should give the time required for cooking the meal. In addition, it should offer the cooking temperature, the size of the cooking equipment and number of servings that the recipe makes. The recipe should also have been tested and proven.

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