Congratulations, you’ve made the choice to get a reading, and hopefully you’ve
taken some time top prepare. Now you may be wondering what kind of information
to give to your psychic during he


If an advisor needs to have specific data—such as birth info—they may ask for
that ahead of time or at the beginning of the reading. I’ve made the following
checklist of the types of things it may be helpful for a reader to know during
your reading.

·Birth data:If your advisor is using astrology or reading Akashic records, they
most likely will need to know at least your date and place of birth. You may
need to know the time, too, and if you haven’t ever needed that information
before, know that it may take a bit of doing to find. You can start with asking
your parents, and sometimes birth certificates or hospitals will have your time
of birth.

·Your questions: This may seem obvious, but it’s good to be clear about what you
want to know. Don’t think that your
will guess what is on your mind—this is not the best use of your
time. Make a clear list of your questions, arranged by order of importance, so
that you can do your part to keep the reading useful and on track for you. Be
upfront, and tell your reader all the areas you want to focus on.


·Your fears: I find it very helpful to know what my clients are really afraid
of—including what they’re afraid I’m going to tell them! For example, often
clients want to know about an ex-lover, boyfriend, or spouse. Perhaps they’re in
the middle of a breakup or separation. They may want to know if that person will
come back, but they may also be afraid to hear a certain answer. If I know what
their fears are, I can be more sensitive in relating that information to them
should I receive it.

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.