“When it rains it pours and when it doesn’t rain, you make sure you’re preparing your ditches to collect the rain that is to come.”
– Amir Zoghi –

How do you expect to be receiving what you love in your life, if you’re not preparing to receive it? If you’re waiting first for this or that to happen before you can really decide and commit to your dream then you’ll only be living your dream temporarily once it forms into manifestation. You won’t have the capacity to maintain it, you have to first expand your capacity, your capacity to hold presence and to hold space for your dreams.

When a building begins to be built, they first have to build the core deep into the ground; the bigger and taller the building, the deeper the space they dig into the ground to build its core. Otherwise the building will not be strong enough to maintain its size, the building will not have the capacity to withstand any upcoming challenges that come with its size.

So you see, if you’re too busy hoping and wishing for what you love, you won’t be preparing yourself to be the person that you need to be in order to live what you love. Magic does happen, miracles do take place but you have to have the “will” to live your life as though the “Know” that the magic and miracles have happened. You have to see it and allow yourself to believe it. How would you be different if you absolutely knew that the magic was happening? That’s the person you need to be for the magic to take place through you. That is the person that you have to commit yourself to be for the miracles to take place through you.

Notice that I said that the miracles and magic happen through you, they do not happen “from you” and not “for you”. You have to “will” it, you have to “know” it, and then you have live as one who is expecting it. Don’t sit around wondering and hoping for the magic, don’t put your hands up and expect the miracles to happen for you. Feel the magic, feel the miracle and then decide to allow your body to be an expression of that magic, to be the expression of the miracle and you will create the magic through you.

Let go of the idea of forcing the magic or miracle and let go of the idea of hoping for the magic or miracle. Feel the magic, feel its miracle and “allow it to happen” by feeling open to all of its possibilities. Completely open, open to all its possibilities. Don’t limit its possibilities by thinking about what is possible. Just FEEL IT and act on it, don’t analyse it.

The Universe
Written through Amir Zoghi
Courtesy of the Truth of the Week

Author's Bio: 

Amir Zoghi is an international leader and speaker in the area of self-awareness and human potential. The author of The Greatest Kept Truth, he is a natural intuitive who shares his wisdom with absolute simplicity and clarity through his writings, teachings and in speaking on the stages of the world. Together with Dan Millman, Joe Vitale and Robert Scheinfeld, he is a key contributor to the widely-screened film Leap! which explores the meaning and purpose of reality.