Well, the past 6 months have been quite difficult for all of us. Though we are spending time with our family at home, that is due to the Corona outbreak.

Also, no one knows how long it would last. Now, the unlock phase has started and many businesses around the world are trying to start again and trying to search for new ways to connect with their consumers. The pandemic has also changed the way people think and their buying decisions have also changed. Looking at the change in the behavior of consumers, many businesses have to go with the flow and adapt to the change by creating new strategies that work.

With other industries, the eCommerce industry is also affected and eCommerce businesses are also trying to make it up for the loss with new strategies for the eCommerce unlock process.

What would be the shape of the marketing strategy after the COVID-19 period?
During the corona pandemic, many businesses who shifted to digital marketing sooner encountered fewer after-effects during the pandemic.

When the COVID-19 norms are still to be followed like social distancing, digital marketing brings you closer to the customers and generate revenues for your business.

Yes, if you follow a well-planned eCommerce marketing Process, you would stay ahead in the competition.

Tips to prepare your business for the unlock phase

Build a website and invest in SEO as part of the marketing strategy
This is the time when you need your website to work for which you need to implement SEO.

During unlock, period people are finding brands online to fulfill their needs.

Here local SEO is an integral part of your eCommerce business. Certainly, eCommerce SEO helps your brand found on the internet by people.

Remember do not overlook SEO as it offers results in the long run. Investing in SEO today is your investment for the future that is going to pay back for long-term

Take your business to social media
Social media is indeed one of the powerful platforms for your business to get online recognition. A lot of people are engaged in discussions and share different stuff on social media.

You can make your brand part of the discussion on different social media platforms.

You can communicate about your brand, new arrivals, offers, discounts, etc on social media to help your customers know about your brand.

Enable online buying process
As contactless delivery is the most preferred option during the corona pandemic, online payments are in demand and most people prefer online payment methods.

You can go digital as much as possible. Figure out the methods that can help you enable the online process for some part of buying.

Try to give out discounts and offers to help your end customer know about your brand product well

Skills required to run an eCommerce business
Everyone is relying on eCommerce after the unlock phase has been started across the world. But, you need the right skill set to enter the online retail zone.

You need to know the right sales and marketing strategies that work during this pandemic. You need to plan SEO strategies well to stay in the competition and generate revenue for your business. You need to follow different aspects like

Digital marketing
Digital marketing helps different businesses expand and reach their potential customers. It includes different aspects like pay per click advertising, content optimization, CRM, email marketing, etc.

Product management
Product management needs to evaluate the market position and create requirements. The sales and marketing teams need to manage this section.

Data analytics
It is one of the crucial factors to be considered today. The eCommerce sector is backed by analytics as it helps to evaluate the performance of sales and products and understands the needs of the customers through their online shopping experience.

User Experience
Nowadays, digital devices are trending. When it comes to digital devices, user experience (UX) matters a lot.

Understanding the Covid-19 resources from Google
With the eCommerce unlock process you also need to understand the COVID-19 resources from Google to help your business preserve its place on Google.

For Businesses
Well, you have invested your efforts and money in your online business, but in any case, if you wish to halt your business online temporarily without affecting its status on Google search, then follow the below-listed points.

Change in business hours or temporary closures
You need to mention the altered hours of your business operation. Specify the business operation, takeaway, drive-through, or delivery hours.

You can check out for more such norms that help your business stay connected with your customers during the corona pandemic.

Google has listed business resources for different businesses to alter their operation module. These resources are helpful and you don’t have to worry about the business operations even during the lockdown and you will not lose on your loyal customers too.

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Well, the past 6 months have been quite difficult for all of us. Though we are spending time with our family at home, that is due to the Corona outbreak.