We are witnessing events of great magnitude on the Earth right now. Very recently we saw the latest in terms of catastrophe and suffering as we witnessed the collapse of cities and towns in Haiti. A small island nation has been rocked by an earthquake and has succumbed to the forces of the Earth's internal movements. Our friends from the ethereal advise that such movements have only just begun. There will be more of these events as the planet readies itself for Ascension.

Moving from 3rd Dimensional Density Consciousness to 5th Dimensional Ascended Consciousness is about clearing the psychological debris of our 3D lives:

Our individual purposes are clear. We must release our internal garbage and make our way out of 3rd dimensional density consciousness to that ascended state in the 5th dimension using Psychology as our foundation. There is no substitute for psychology's presence and availability to Western Culture. This is the tool of choice for cleansing and ridding ourselves of past injustices, and all that trauma and abuse suffered at the hands of our caretakers.

These hurtful experiences turn out to be the substantial lessons we created to help us navigate the effects of The Fall, so we could open ourselves to the imminent possibilities offered by the upcoming shift into a New Age. This point cannot be overstressed. We chose these troubling circumstances for our growth and we are now at the doorstep of graduating from their effects. Today's psychology, derived from ancient mythology, provides the best resource for this cleansing effort. It makes each and every one of us responsible for all the activities necessary to move through those initial challenges.

Spiritual Psychology relies upon Personal Responsibility and Conscious Choosing:

Psychology's reliance on personal responsibility, as a foundation for change, is the key to unlocking our inner world. It also satisfies that need for those valued feelings of personal mastery, which other systems of ascension do not emphasize. Systems that advise us of what's possible without our inner involvement can be categorized as external applications. They do not sufficiently prepare us for the self-responsibility that is essential to our successful navigation of the Ascension Process.

Here's the deal as I understand it. If you take responsibility for yourself and all of your actions, you are guaranteed a solid growth experience by virtue of your personal involvement. If you allow someone else, or some externally applied system, to deliver their brand of Ascension, you are subject to their rules rather than those generated from within. There is no substitute for personal responsibility. Anything that requires you to be a passive recipient will not deliver on this crucial point.

Ascension Training for the Western Mindset:

The Ascension Training Program offered here places you at the center of the process. It immediately calls upon you to take responsibility for all your actions, in and out of the program itself. Your achievements become yours to celebrate. Your acceleration of the pulse is an act you initiate. With psychology's internal referents as guide, you are always at the center of the action.

You can never say the system failed you because it didn't deliver a satisfying experience of Ascension. With psychology as your main guide, you engage and steer the process of Ascension. As the process's central character, you bring to yourself the experiences that allow you to move out of the morass of 3D conflicts you were born into. You brought yourself this far, now it's time for the next step. Applying psychology to your ascension process makes you both director and receiver of all incoming influences. Your psychological homework, as directed by you, is simply an efficient manner in which to make receiving possible.

Current Influx of New Energies:

The energies coming into our world at this time are free. We have to open ourselves to their arrival and integrate them into our physical and spiritual bodies. Little else matters in we don't grasp that simple fact. Once open to receiving, we will take command of those energies as we take them into our service. As directors, we decide when and where. Be advised that there is no escaping the consequences of inaction. We are solely responsible for Ascension's success or failure at this point.

This is the main difference between this approach to Ascension and those that purport to just hand over what you need. There is no passive receiving in this program. You are always at the center of the action from the moment you sign on. You will quickly realize that this is your time to be activated, and that you must be involved in order to be successfully launched.

Time to Activate Your Mission:

We all have a mission that must be engaged at this time of great transition. It is no accident that we are here. And it is no accident that you found your way to this program. You have been doing your growth work for years, preparing yourself for this very moment, just as I have spent the last 4 decades of my life preparing to deliver this program. It will not take long to get you up to speed and clear away the final remnants of your 3D challenges. Current students are amazed at how fast this final cleansing stage is completed while the foundations of their individual missions are being revealed to them. Before incarnating, you made several promises. Now is the time to deliver on those promises.


Author's Bio: 

Maurice Turmel PhD is a 25 year veteran therapist who currently directs programs at The Ascension Training Centre. He is a contributing writer to Trans4Mind.com, a Personal Growth website. He has 4 books to his credit: 1)The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Lightworker Service; 2) Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012; 3) How to Cope with Grief and Loss; 4) Twelve Steps to Ascension. http://ascensiontrainingcentre.com