Pre-paving involves planning out your day, or visualising a future event in your mind, of how you want things to look and feel. When your attention is very firmly fixed on something that you want, the Universal Law of Attraction must match that with a relevant manifestation. Sometimes we are approaching an event, or season, like Christmas for e.g., with a powerful and unwanted story solidly in place; we may even have been telling this story for decades. Most of us have a story, or two that we can tell about Christmas, or another family-centred event. Some love these family and cultural gatherings and look forward to these as very special times, so if that is you, this would be an example of superb pre-paving, so you guys can carry on telling that story, but bear the following in mind for any season, or event you have looming that feels a bit less jolly.

Repeated events can arouse strong feelings and memories, leading to distinct anticipation, recreating scenarios from our past. So let's look at Christmas as a great example of a time that could be savoured in every detail, or tolerated with good humour, or seen as a series of obligations, emotionally pressured demands for money and time, together with ludicrous excess. Some out rightly can't stand it. What's the story that you tell? One thing is for certain; whatever you have been mentally creating in the lead up to any event is going to play out somehow in your reality. So that being the case, would you like to set the scene a little differently this year?

Perhaps, in your ideal world, you would be somewhere else altogether, but maybe it is also important to you to honour your commitments to see family and friends (especially if you know it would mean a lot to them), to spoil the special children and people in your life and to also be an active participant in a nation-wide cultural experience. Once you have decided that you are going to go, line up with that decision and DECIDE that you are going to find things to ENJOY when you get there. What you FOCUS on, YOU ARE ATTRACTING to you.

Holding onto a deep-seated belief that there is only one way something can play out, is inviting The Law of Attraction to bring you exactly that. Even though you have told the story so many times in your head, of how this kind of event always pans out in your world, there are a whole myriad of things that could be just a little bit different, adding up to an improved vibration and a whole different outcome. How about starting now with a few steps in the direction of the kind of holiday that you want?

I suggest that you blur the fine details for now and start by painting a picture, using very broad brushstrokes, of the general kind of scene that you want to experience. How would you describe the essence of the feeling? For example, you might focus on togetherness, good humour, celebration, belonging, warmth, intimacy, feeling appreciated and appreciative.

So, starting from where you are now in your relationship to the experience, reach for some thoughts that feel just a little bit better than that. It is a great idea to set an overall intention of having an improved situation, something you know that you can achieve, as things can always shift and improve. You might set an intention to find some enjoyment, from wherever you find yourself. Envisage yourself entering the festive scene, with warmth and appreciation for these people you have chosen to spend time with. Picture the food you will share, the gifts you will open and feel how lucky you are to have some people to be with on this day.

Then, see yourself at the end of the day, saying goodbye to your family and friends, feeling warmth for them and remembering the funny stories, the food that you shared and the games that you played. Imagining a day that you want to experience, as a past memory, is a powerful way of pre-living, that strengthens your vibration, by saying, it has happened, so it must be!

Your thoughts of today pre-pave the future of tomorrow. Your thoughts are completely powerful, so be careful what you wish for with your thoughts!

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