‘Gin Khaw rian’

It’s a Thai expression that people often use to ask their guests, ‘have you eaten rice today?’

Rice is such an essential part of Thai cuisines. Not only that but also, it is an integral part of Thai culture. Most of the famous Thai cuisines sold all over the world have rice as a part to soothe the tongue when you gorge in some super spicy Thai food. It brings the perfect balance in the dishes, and that is one of the biggest reasons for its inclusion.

Trivia about Rice in Thai Food

Did you know?

  • There are 3500 varieties of Thai rice produced in Thailand.
  • In Thailand, rice is considered as a goddess figure, and it is believed that rice has its own soul.
  • Rice is often seen as ‘Mae Posop’ or ‘Rice Mother' among the Thai people because of its rich nutritional value.
  • Among the Thai people, a meal is considered as incomplete unless there is no rice in it.

Australia is in Love with Thai Food

Australia, being one of the centres of cultural amalgamation, you can find a huge number of Thai population in the country. And, if you check out the stat about Thai restaurants, you will find out, there are almost 3000 Thai restaurants all over Australia.

According to the historical references, Thai cuisine has been welcomed by the Aussies as a far more popular casual dining choice, compared to Chinese food. And, from that time, it has upheld its position.

In recent times, Thai restaurants have become much more experimental about their cuisines. They are infusing different ingredients to add that twist in the food.

However, the authentic Asian food restaurant in Mornington has never sidelined the traditional rice from their dishes, instead, kept it as the main highlight of their meals, time and again.

Popular Rice-Based Thai Dishes in Australia you Must Try

Now, let's focus on some of the most popular choices of rice-based Thai cuisines.

  • Khao Pad

It’s a fried rice preparation, quite popular in Australia based Thai restaurants. It can be eaten as a vegan dish or can be combined with proteins like chicken, beef, pork or seafood combinations and prawns.

  • Pad Grattiem with Rice

This particular dish is nowhere complete without rice. Chicken, beef, pork or prawns are stir-fried with garlic pepper, oyster sauce and mixed veggies. It tastes like heaven when combined with rice. The heat of garlic pepper is balanced by rice.

  • Khao Hom Malli and Khao Gati

These are two popular rice choices available in the popular food restaurant in Mornington. Both are steamed and flavoured jasmine rice while the former one is served with coconut milk for that sweet and yummy taste.

  • Jungle Curry with Rice

Another authentic Thai dish that is almost incomplete without rice is, of course, Jungle curry. There is a lot of chilly in this dish. Along with the popular protein choices, Thai herbs are being used in this dish. When combined with rice, it boosts the flavours even more.

Final Words

While you are going to try Thai cuisine for the first time, it is essential to choose the best one. Go for customer reviews and price checks to get the best of Thai cuisine.

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The author is the owner of the most popular Asian food restaurant in Morningtonand serves authentic Thai dishes every day in both takeaway and dinner menu.