Presenting the UNIVAPO Unix starter pack. With the idea of "Less is More” would be best", the Unix starter unit receives a front even bend structure with aluminum compound in a reduced and ergonomic style. Outfitted with the interesting and novel"Functions All in One Button" mod structure and the serious turning top filling framework with childproof tank plan, Unix makes a stride in front of others in the starter unit market. Univapo engineers made multiple times tests on various proportions of materials to ensure the full tastes of each juice can be roused through the loops. The 1.3ohm curl and 1.6ohm loop can separately fulfill the needs of confined direct lung vapers and mouth to lung vapers. 

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Exclusive Features:

  1. Innovative Top Rotating filling system
  2. World’s First Dual Childproof Lock Tank
  3. Integrated Spin Button
  4. Battery Childproof Lock System
  5. Type C Charging 
  6. Battery 1000Mah Long Life

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