Other than property, by far the most costly thing you can purchase that represents a sizeable outlay is a new car. Since you’ve laid out such a lot of money on a new car, why not invest in a couple more extra things that don’t come as standard? This article will advise you purchase some accessories designed to shield your car from dirt and wear.

As a first step, the perfect thing to effectively maintain the exterior finish of your new car is to go and by a car cover. You may well consider that to keep uncovering and recovering your car after each and every trip will take too much time - well, you don’t have to. But you will need to use it when your car will be sitting for an extended period of time. A car cover is still worth utilizing even though your car is sealed in a garage given that it will keep the dust off the finish. And if you don’t have a garage, the sun, birds winds and falling tree branches and plenty of other things can create havoc on your cars finish. Buy a breathable cover that can easily be put immediately over your car when it’s wet because wetness can then get away.

The next item you should consider buying is floor mats because there is a good chance your new car will not have them. This may be something the dealership will endeavour to sell you on its own. Your best bet shouldn’t be to spend the hundreds of dollars the dealership wants and make your way to an auto parts store. Car floor mats will take the toughest of wear and dirt and you’d rather have to change out your auto parts shop mat than the more costly dealership one. There are plenty of different mat styles to look at at an auto parts shop at a range of prices - just pick the ones that suits your car and wallet. Nevertheless, you should make sure you get these mats as they can certainly protect your cars carpeting.

Many people forget that the trunk or boot of a car must have protection to keep it looking good. You may have heard about pick up truck liners that stop the truck bed from becoming damaged. Trunk liners for cars do a similar job and protect the carpeting from heavy wear. If you think about it, the trunk of your automobile can turn into a catch all and really get torn up by putting all those different items in it. So getting a trunk liner is also somewhat important. Again you won’t want to get it from the dealership as they can be too costly.

For a relatively small cost, these three basic accessories can make a real impact on keeping your car in ‘like new’ condition. These add-ons are not going to make your car perform better except in the looks department, but if this matters to you then it’s certainly worth your while to go and purchase them.

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