If you’ve been opting for the barefoot or mismatched look lately in lieu of sifting through the jumble of shoes, sandals, pumps, boots, slip-ons and sneakers in your closet, it may be time for an organizational intervention. Whether you’re trying to fit a diva-grade collection of footwear into a closet not much bigger than a shoebox or simply haven’t got the time or means to arrange your shoes, these fantastic shoe organizers can help get your kicks in order in no time.

Under Bed Shoe Organizer / Under Bed Trolley

If your closet is simply too packed to handle your shoe collection, consider employing all the extra room under your bed with either an under bed shoe organizer or trolley. For special occasion shoes and long-term storage, the under bed shoe organizer features a zip-up see-through vinyl case that keeps moisture, dust and bugs away from twelve pairs. The under bed trolley offers a simpler and quicker-access approach, fitting twelve pairs on a metal frame featuring rollers so you can grab a pair and go. A great choice for either your favorite and most worn shoes or the just the overflow, these organizers will give them a convenient home, keep them in line and offer easy access.

Over Door Shoe Rack

If your menagerie of footwear is on the larger side, one of the best ways to utilize normally unused space while keeping your shoes close at hand is this over door shoe rack. Constructed with polymer sides and steel rod shelves, these racks are available in models that hold either up to 24 or 36 pairs of shoes. The sturdy rack fits over most average sized doors and can also hold shoe boxes, making it a great storage option for other items as well. Over door shoe racks are also available in models offering even more storage and vinyl closure for longer-term storage.

Shoe Chest / Cube

We’re all familiar with dressers, chests and hangers for clothes, tie racks for ties and jewelry boxes for necklaces and earrings, but there are few pieces of furniture designed specifically for shoes. These fantastic shoe chests and cubes solve that problem and fill the niche nicely. The shoe chest offers either 24 or 36 individual compartments, each accepting a single pair of shoes. Its see-through vinyl zip-close keeps dust and moisture out while letting you look over your entire shoe collection at once. Constructed of laminated particle board, the sturdy melamine shoe cube is large enough to hold either 15 or 25 pairs of men’s or women’s shoes and has an open front so you can grab a pair quickly.

10 Shelf Open Front Shoe Organizer

Another great shoe storage option for limited space situations, the clever 10 shelf open front shoe organizer hangs from any standard closet rod with two hooks and offers enough vertical space to hold 10 pairs of shoes. This versatile organizer can double as a shelf for other accessories as well. The unit is constructed of canvas to allow for excellent air circulation. Its attractive natural tan color with brown trim can complement any décor while offering a handy solution to your storage problems.

Floor to Ceiling Shoe Tree

Another excellent way to take advantage of vertical storage space, this handy shoe tree can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes or boots. Built with heavy duty commercial-grade stainless steel, this organizer fits in any space with ceilings up to 96 inches and mounts with a rubber-tipped tension rod. The unit offers 6 wire racks with adjustable heights to accommodate nearly any pair of shoes or boots and comes with a bonus accessory basket on top to hold socks, laces, belts or other small items. Best of all, the racks revolve around the rod to give you quick and easy access to your entire shoe collection.

Shoe Organizing Bed Skirt

Perhaps one of the most interesting and clever innovations in shoe storage available, the unique shoe organizing bed skirt creates storage space where you may not expect it: along the sides of your bed. An excellent way to reduce clutter while providing extra storage for cramped quarters, the unit slips under any mattress and has 18 clear plastic pockets that are spacious enough to accommodate any pair of shoes. The unit stays out of sight, hidden under overhanging quilts or your bed skirt and is also a great storage spot for errant remotes, toys, magazines and other assorted bedroom bric-a-brac.

With some clever techniques, a little time and a few great organizational products, you can bring even the most expansive and unorganized collection of shoes and boots into check. While it might still take hours of agonizing to choose the right pair of shoes, these great products can make the process a little bit simpler.

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