It is not at all a mystery that, out of all marketing methodologies, email marketing has the best ROI. Depending on the source, you'll see that a single dollar spent on email can yield a return of $40-$50. Despite this strong potential ROI, not all organizations utilize email to sell and grow their business.

One reason is that they simply don't know the best way to connect their CRM and email marketing tools. Another is that they fail to realize the value of sending data-driven messages to a targeted list using integrated CRM data.

Dimitri Akhrin, the entrepreneur behind IRIS CRM and CRM Dialer, believes that incorporating CRM with email marketing is an unquestionable requirement for any business.

Akhrin stays at the forefront of the bleeding-edge of technology to consistently evolve his CRM solutions including IRIS CRM, founded in 2010 and CRMDialer in 2018.

With over two decades of expertise in the niche, Dimitri Akhrin is praised as a pioneer in the payment processing and Software as a Service (SAAS) CRM space.

For his phenomenal entrepreneurship and technological innovations through IRIS CRM, Dimitri Akhrin was awarded Electronic Transaction Association Star Award - Technology Innovation in 2018. Below, Akhrin joined us to share why CRM with integrated email functionality is a need.

1. You can take charge of the customer’s journey

Email is a fundamental piece of the sales cycle. Regardless of whether an email doesn't quickly sell, it helps to drive the client further down the sales pipeline.

“If your CRM and email marketing systems are not linked, you will not be able to see the effect that email has in your sales cycle. With the two incorporated, you can see promptly when a prospect opens your email and shows interest in what you have to offer. That way, if an agent is making a sales call, they'll have a better idea of the prospect and what they are looking for.,” says Dimitri Akhrin.

2. You can improve your understanding of email ROI.

Composing and sending quality emails that convince prospects requires some investment. Additionally, sending those messages can actually be a potential negative since you can't be sure whether they draw your prospects nearer to a deal or drive them away – unless you have an integrated CRM system with email and visitor tracking. Regardless of whether an email leads to a sale, you simply won’t be able to see that unless you have the tools to connect the dots and incorporate the email data into your CRM.

“With your CRM linked with your email, you can see the specific value of emails for your sales efforts. You can see the emails that convert prospects into deals and which emails play out the best so you can optimize for better results over time,” says Dimitri Akhrin.

3. You can send emails straight from your CRM.

If you have ever needed to compose customized emails from scratch, you know the sort of a challenge it can be. The entirety of your prospects’ information is in your CRM, and you need to go to Gmail or Outlook to create an email, which can pose a challenge when trying to create targeted emails on the fly. You need to go back and forth between systems to ensure the email is properly written, which can take several minutes. With the ability to view and compose emails in the same system, your team can compose emails fast and send them right away.

“A quality CRM with email integration makes it simple to craft emails using real customer data. You just simply pick the recipient prospect, and the CRM will auto-populate the fields in the template with the known data. Then you can view any recent information about the prospect and tailor the email perfectly based on their information and previous interactions with your business. Today's most mainstream CRM applications, including IRIS CRM, all have Gmail and Outlook integrations so you can utilize CRM data directly from your preferred email platform as well,” says Dimitri Akhrin.

“The integration goes both ways as well. When somebody sends you an email in Gmail or Outlook, you can quickly add this information to the lead in your CRM directly from the email platform.”

4. You can master the art of accelerating the buyer’s journey

The journey from a prospect to a closed deal can be a rough one. Additionally, there are a vast number of ways for one to progress from prospect to customer. For every potential drop-off point, you can utilize an email to encourage the prospect to keep going down the path towards new revenue for your business.

Triggers can be a simple method to remind clients to make a move by sending them an email at the ideal time. For instance, if a prospect has attended your demo however hasn't made a move for 48 hours, you can send an email straight from your CRM reminding them of the value of your product or service to re-ignite their interest,” says Dimitri Akhrin.

The Bottom Line

Dimitri Akhrin advises businesses never to underestimate the power of emails.

“Combined with the abundance of data in your CRM, email can be one of your top sales tools. As you search for your ideal CRM, ensure that you can effortlessly manage leads from your inbox and send messages from your CRM to save additional time and drive increased cash flow,” he says.

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Jenny, known professionally as Jenny Hopkin, is an American content creator.