It is said: “Every day is a new day.” But now, all days seem the same. You retire to bed watching the last coronavirus news. You wake up and see what’s the latest about the outbreak. Amidst the grimy news, you try to dig out something positive, sitting in home quarantine, isolated from your friends, some even from families. Imagine how challenging this would be for the media people.

In today’s Covid-19 times, it’s not just the media who is a part of the story. We all are a part of the story now. And if you are a business, you might be thinking, how to shift the media’s attention from the virus to your upcoming online event.

Virus or not, rules of press release distribution stay the same. You ought to be ready with your content well ahead of time. Send it to the relevant media in advance. Give them a gentle reminder. Use the same format and tactics in the content.

Yet, with the novel virus taking up almost all the spotlight and the time of media, you must have something extra ordinary in your content this time.

With business taking a hard hit due to the lockdowns, you need something substantial, something that grabs the eyeballs, to bring back your audience.

Reopening of your store

If you are reopening your store after the lockdown period, you can issue a digital press release and send it to the local media. Have the database of your loyal customers? Send your press release to emails of your customers. It’s like reaching out to your end users directly.


You are a bookstore. You are offering a special discount during this time on selected books. Creating a press release informing people about your ‘super sale’ on ‘limited edition books’ will attract attention of book lovers and relevant journalists.

Or you are a gift store stocking up on the upcoming special days like Father’s Day. Create a sensational press release depicting the launch of new gifts available at special prices. You can also provide DIY gift ideas and how to celebrate Father’s Day at home.

As we are talking mainly about digital press releases here, you can insert a short video of maybe 15-20 seconds providing a glimpse of your store’s gifts. If not video, high-resolution images would also do.

Posting pandemic shopping rules

Now that doctors have broken the news that the virus is here to stay, it’s time to learn to live with it. This means back to shopping at the stores! However, we need to be responsible enough to wear masks and gloves and practice social distancing.

As a business, you can issue a press release describing your store’s protocol for shoppers, such as keeping 6’ distance from each other, the number of people allowed at a time in your store, about the use of hand sanitizers, and others. You may also have a separate time slot for senior citizens.

If you are unsure how to go about distributing your press release, you can contact press release distribution sites. They can make your job easier and better.

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