Cancer is a deadly disease; our main focus should be on how to prevent it. But if you cannot prevent it, at least you should be alert to the symptoms appearing as early signs so that you will be able to diagnose the problem early and get yourself cured of it. The axiom that diagnose a health problem at an early stage will help getting it treated properly and make the chances of getting cured better is particularly true of cancer, given the proneness of the disease to spread fast and become incurable if not detected in time.
There some symptoms to common and some other minor ailments. If quick action is taken once you spot it will ensure the safety of your health. Here are the some common symptoms for 3 types of cancer. If you detect them, consult a doctor to diagnose your condition properly and suggest an appropriate treatment.

Skin Cancer

It will first affect your skin and will spread to other parts of body. This type of cancer is indicated by the moles and marks on your body, you may see a change in colour, size, shape or structure within short time period. Sores that did not heal soon are another set of signs you should notice. If you notice the appearance of some spots on your skin or a change in color or texture of skin, consult a physician.

Mouth Cancer

It manifests as cavity in your mouth, lip, tongue, gums, saliva glands and tonsils. Mouth cancer also affects your head, lungs and lymphatic system. The main causes of mouth cancer are smoking, drinking and certain types of food. If you have ulcers in mouth or on your tongue that won't heal in two weeks, development of mouth cancer can be indicated. If you see appearance of red or white spots in cavity in your mouth, may also be a sign of mouth cancer.

Other symptoms to look for includes: chronic sore throat, prolonged hoarseness in your voice, painful swallowing, swelling or bleeding inside your mouth, lips, tongue or inner cheeks exhibiting change of color.

Throat cancer

This type of cancer will appear as a growth on the vocal chords or on the lining of throat. It could spread to the esophagus (the food pipe), neck and lymph nodes. Smoking, drinking and certain food items may lead to the development of this type of cancer. You will have to guard against any lump, inflammation or swelling on your neck that remains unsubsidized for more than two weeks or so.
You should not ignore these symptoms because they are small or because they do not cause any pain. Prolonged hoarseness in your voice, frequent vomiting, sudden loss of weight, difficulty in swallowing food is also sign of throat cancer. These symptoms may be benign but they are persistent, you have to make sure that they are not symptoms of Cancer.

Cancer is curable if it is diagnosed in early stages. Take action as soon as you observe early signs of cancer will improve the chances of getting cured of cancer much better.

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