Water damage can occur just about anywhere in your home, especially in your basement. Able Restoration has years and years of experience in the water and even fire damage field. They know exactly how to help you prevent water damage and even the need for mold remediation. To help you prevent damage from water in your own basement, read up on some of the following great tips for your own home.

It’s important to understand that a moist, damp or wet basement can grow into an extremely major problem. Fortunately, a simple and regular inspection of your basement can help to prevent damage from water. During inspections, keep an eye out for any indications of moisture in your basement in order to help prevent a major disaster.

Walls and Ceiling

Signs of moisture within the walls are a major red flag for a potentially big water problem in your basement. It can also be a warning sign of internal plumbing leaks. Water stains and water trails can help you to locate the source of the problem. If you identify the source, make it a point to fix it immediately. Even minute signs of leaks should be treated right away. After leaks are repaired, do another inspection just to be sure that there are no other signs of moisture.


Another common problem that occurs in basements is pipe condensation that is caused by pipes sweating. If ignored, pipe condensation can lead to mold corrosion and rot. In order to help prevent your pipes from sweating, consider insulating all of the pipes.

Openings through the Basement

Often times, dryer vents, exterior electrical outlets and cable connections lead down and through to the basement walls. These openings should be waterproofed otherwise the openings have the potential to allow water into the basement.

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