Before we begin- Check These Staggering Facts.

  • In 2013–14, approximately 101,867 fire incidents were attended by the Australian Fire agencies. And out of those, around 19% of them (19,524) were structural damages.
  • In 2010–2015 New South Wales recorded 23,766 accidental house fires. The incident led to 115 fatalities and 25 fire fatalities.
  • And 2014–15 the Western Australian Department of Fire and Emergency services saw around 1175.6 structural fire damages, each leading to large-scale damages and fatal injuries.

Stanley Walker- an electrician serving in Camden says:-

“But the worse part of all these incidents was that each of these them could have been prevented if the right set of safety precautions were taken on time…

“Taking proper care of each electrical device and outlet could have made a significant difference to the eventual outcome and helped save so many lives and structural damages in the process.”

‘Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure’. And keeping true to this cliched quote, here are some tips to prevent a life-threatening house fire.

Tip 1:- “Never Overload Your Electrical Outlets.”

If you have a habit of using too many extension cords as a permanent solution to your electricity needs at home, then an overload is always round the corner. It also happens to be one of the commonest cause of electrical fire at home.

To prevent this, look to use surge protectors consisting of an internal circuit breaker. This will cut any power surges on sensing it. And if you’ve got too many gadgets and appliances at home, then summon quality electricians in your area and add new outlets with fresh wiring.

Tip 2: “Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter For Wet Areas.”

Most wet areas of your house- be it the kitchen, bathroom or your cleaning room should have a ‘Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlet’. These outlets are designed specially to cut the power supply if there is any existence of moisture.

So, if your kitchen, bathroom or washing room consists of old appliances, then get in touch with certified electricians serving near you.

Tip 3:-Look To Limit Space Heater Use.”

Another prime reason why electrical fires happen is due to prolonged use of your electric space heater. So try and limit its use in rooms which are occupied. Look to run them at 1/2 power (and not at full-power).

This will prevent any possibility of a circuit overload or outlet damages.

Tip 4:- “Look To Retire All Old Objects.”

Old, damaged or malfunctioned appliances provide an open invitation to house electrical fires. So check all your old electrical outlets and cords if they show signs of wear and tear.

Johnson White:- an electrician serving in Narellan recommends retiring all old electrical objects.

They Include:-

  • Frayed electrical cords and outlets.
  • Appliances which flicker on excessive use.
  • Devices that emit an unusual amount of heat.
  • Switchboards which spark whenever turned on.

Tip 5:- “Keep All Flammable Objects FAR AWAY From Cords & Outlets.”

Majority of your household outlets emit a considerable amount of heat. Now if they overload, it could produce double the heat, thus causing sparks and an inevitable house fire.

So, it’s best to not take any chances by keeping all combustible objects like curtains, boxes, furniture and decorations far away from your cords and outlets. Also, check regularly if your cords and outlets are getting noticeably warm (more than usual).

If they do, then schedule an appointment with experienced electrical contractors serving your region.

Your home safety is your PRIME RESPONSIBILITY. And to ensure it, keep these tips in mind. In addition, if you suspect any electrical fault of signs of damage, contact licensed and reputed ‘electricians near me’ to check them out immediately!

Author's Bio: 

The author serves as a notable electrician serving in Narellan. With that; the author also has knowledge about another licensed electrician serving in Camden.