You probably think that you will have to live a life in fear and constant anxiety from a panic disorder, right? The good news is you don't have to. Doing something to start preventing panic attacks naturally, as opposed to taking dangerous medication is often a great place to start for many anxiety and panic sufferers.

The thing that you want to stay away from is medication if at all possible. From personal experience, and the experience of many, many people, medication just causes more problems than it seems to solve.

For one thing, most of these medications only stop panic attacks when you first start taking them, and they only work for a little while, then they wear off and you are anxious again.

When your anxiety comes back, what do you do then?

You have to get the medication, take another pill and start the whole process all over again. Your aim is preventing panic attacks naturally, and there is nothing natural at all about some pill with a bunch of warnings on the bottle is there?

But after a while, the medication stops working anyway, and you either have to take more of it for your panic attacks, or you have to do something worse!

You have to stop taking it, which is very scary and very uncomfortable.

If you are lucky enough to not know what it is like to go through a withdrawal from one of the popular drugs that are supposed to help you overcome panic attacks, you are very lucky.

Getting off of these medicines for most people produces symptoms very similar to severe panic attacks, and now you can't even take your medication to calm down.

But there is no need to lose hope if you have taken these medicines before or are currently taking them.

Once the main issue that is controlling your life is cured, and you have the tools necessary for preventing panic attacks naturally, it becomes a lot easier to work with your doctor to stop taking these pills in a safe manner.

The withdrawal symptoms are partly from the medications, but a lot of what you end up feeling is just severe anxiety that you already had, made worse by not having the pills that have been unnaturally calming you down all this time.

Hope is never lost for you when you are trying to overcome panic using natural techniques that will help you control your anxiety disorder long-term, not just a quick fix that sets your treatment back with every dose.

If you are using tools that help you in preventing panic attacks naturally, you are helping yourself live a life that will be free of anxiety, panic and dangerous anxiety medications.

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